17 thoughts on “Driving Abroad”

  1. First vid is not Chechen.

    It’s French teens in France playing with a stolen Merc.
    The guy in the van is saying “Arrete! Arrete!” which means “Stop! Stop!” to the other teen who’s driving.
    On the roadside you can also see the blue logo of a “Decathlon” shop. It’s a French sportswear shop.

  2. First video was shot in France (you can guess from shops around and the guy talking). And the ID plate of the car is not russian. Therefore, nothing says that the guy driving is Chechen…

  3. Why are the news comments often so inaccurate on englishrussia.com? How old is the webmaster? 😉
    It’s obvious that the first video is not in Chechnya and the second one doesn’t have 2 Ladas.


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