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  1. Interesting that the front wheels didn’t brake off at impact into the snow (perhaps it was at low speed), if not than it shows how ‘powerful’ the front wheels are made.

    Think that ice at one side of the strip, or one of the brakes didn’t work well, it happens more than we would like to know (and yes in Russia, and US, Canada,…)it is called ice forming.

  2. It’s parking since a while, isn’t it? Or maybe this particular model has the feature to close its engines…?
    Can’t really get it, but nice anyhow.

  3. are there any details? Where did this happen? (somewhere in Russia, sure, but where exactly?) and what were the circumstances of the plane getting stick?

    • It happened at Novaya Zemlya island, most likely Rogachevo airport:


  4. They are taught, that they fly plane and also overhaul it, Russian pilots do it!!! in air if it is necessary!!! although to strong Russian airplane hardly repairs.it is good and the best quality!! As pilots!!!!!you will reliably and free corruption. PUTIN!!! NASHI!!!

    • The IL-76 is an outstanding aircraft with skilled crews. They fly all over the world and have a good safety record.


  5. “The Il-76 reportedly carries some 90% of ramp-delivered European airfreight and 90% of disaster relief aid worldwide. It is the most widely used dedicated jet freighter in the 40+ t. category.” – So sayeth wikepedia

    • Did they also mention that 95% of the aircraft CAPABLE of that job are Russian, ANs & ILs; or that Russia is one of the few countries that has civilian registered military aircraft; or that those aircraft have the cheapest rental rates around?

    • Can you explain why?
      I’ve read news like some russian military pilot crashing his plane – and it turned out that in his whole career he actually flew 15 hours total.

      Before you insult people, like “go educate yourself” – maybe you should consider their point of view, instead of attacking them right away.

      I have absolutely the same right to tell you to go educate YOURSELF.

  6. IL-76 is an awesome aircraft. ALCI a company out of capetown uses one to haul people and cargo fro capetown to novolazarevskaya antarctica, i know this because i have been on the flights.

  7. А почему у тебя ник Ex_Russian? А плохо ты все же ты о русски высказывался, про летчиков например. Давно ты был у нас последний раз?

    • Para Bellum,

      Koroche ya shas ponyal chto proizoshlo: ya dumal ti ko mne tak grubo obrashalsa – moya oshibka, IZVINI.
      Ne smotri dazhe na moi grubiy otvetniy post. Druzhba.

    • Durazkiy kakoi website…

      Ne postaet otveti.

      Para bellum,
      izvini – ya dumal chto ti eto mne govoril!!
      Koroche, ne smotri na moi post tam…

      A dolzhen skazat’ chto website vedut odni balbesi!!!
      Chelovek post delaet, a on ne poyavlaetsa cherez pol-chasa.

  8. Horoshiy otvet.
    Salut, cynical – da i ladno, mi vse cynical v etom poganom mire – sudya po tvoemu otvetu – pozhaluista viberi drugoe imya.


  9. To Ex_Russian почему если ты понял что я обращался не к тебе пишешь, и не отвечаешь на сообщение адресованное тебе? Я русский, родился в России всю жизнь жил и проживу здесь.

  10. И еще, что ты мне все время про свой арсенал упоминаешь, у вас что мужик без ствола считается импотентом? Много там вас таких вооруженных и неподчиненных, пол года не проходит что б у одиного не сорвало крышу и он не расстрелял пару школьников или сослуживцев.

  11. Мужик, не кидайся словами, что касаемо переписки я по каждому пункту говорил аргументированно и по делу. Веди себя достойно.

  12. Как раз я отвечал так как можно было понять из твоих сумбурных постов среднестатистического американского реднека помешанного на оружии. В моих словах ни слова пропаганды, что поделать если все то что я указал твоя страна действительно делала.

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  14. Спасибо, неплохая подборка материала, меня так порадовала статья. только почему не ставите ссылку на первоисточник?

  15. Занемательно, прям как в фильме Унесенные ветром, я аж прослезился.

  16. Pilot turned left not right then into snowdrift, happens often at night at unknown airport. Usually the crew keeps the airplane on the pavement. Aircraft taxiing at slow speed therefore no UC damage. Radome made of fiberglass; breaks easily in the cold. Notice ALL RBF plugs & covers installed, (they are all colored red) not just in engine; crew installed them after prang for protection of equipment and safety of personnel.

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