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  1. Some absolutely *beautiful* pictures. Very humbling to see the results of such photography skill, to an aspiring photographer as myself.

    Everything has something interesting, something beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  2. They are an excellent set of photos.

    Can anyone tell us what the crazy numbers are on the tower?

    and what ship (the rigged, old fashioned one) is that – is it permenantly there?

    I would have said pic number X – but if I couldn’t be arsed to count through so many – why would you?


    • Legend has it that one alchemist has built this tower in the beginning of XXth century and nurtured griffins there. The numbers are to hold them inside.

        • It’s called The Tower of Griffins (Башня грифонов).

          Here it is:

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  4. А на самом деле серия фоток хуевенькая, все Питерские загашники собрали в кучу. Только пара другая есть достойных фоток.

  5. I spent a week in St. Petersburg last summer – it is definitely the most photogenic city on the planet. Now if they could only do something about the mosquitos…

  6. I was there 2 months ago.
    You can go visit, but remember, ITS NOT SAFE there! Especially for strangers! My girlfriend who is local there was hit in the head at the middle of the day in down town(Nevskiy prospekt) and her cell phone was stollen(the cell phone was the main target)
    So be ready :))

  7. Awesome. These pics are simply awesome, they make me feel how man different faces Петер has. I would so visit St. Petersburg if there weren’t so many foreigner-beating russian neonazi hordes roaming around

  8. 1) The tower was covered with blocks of different colors. That “crazy numbers” were used for putting the correct blocks on correct places.
    2) If you mean sailboat – it’s an ordinary restaurant. If you mean a battle cruiser – this is “Avrora”, a memorial of the Oktober Revolution (as Para bellum has already mentioned below).

    • (about the crazy numbers)


      you could be right. But there is no logic in the sequence of the numbers, they are not completely ad-random, but they haven’t (I think) a logical sequence that will allow to put the bricks back on their place, or near the same place.

      Perhaps you or someone else see that sequence but I don’t.

      Perhaps, it is just an other job of someone with to much free time? 🙂

  9. To Ivan Mikahilov я не считаю себя художником и поэтому за камеру не берусь, взявшись же и тем более разместив свои творения на всеобщее обозрение будь готов к критике.

  10. I think the numbers on each brick are for the identification purpose.may be this ancient tower plan to move another location for the restoration.but plan as usually abandoned for long.Leningrad oh i mean,St,peters burg! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! is the best city in the whole world.God bless Hero city.

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  12. First: these pictures are wonderful

    Second: how come I cannot make such pictures?

    Third: why don’t I notice some of the things in the pictures?

    Conclusion: perhaps I should go as a tourist 🙂

  13. Мне казалось, что критика — это когда указывают на конкретные недочёты но и выдают варианты, как можно было бы сделать лучше. Тогда от этого польза.

    Ваш пост критикой, по-моему, не является.

  14. Как я уже писал в этой подборке полно трущеб, разрухи, почему это становиться объектом творчества? Хотя другая половина хороша, можно было бы сделать всю серию такой же. Этот сайт полон англо-американских дегенератов которым только дай повод обгадить Россию.

  15. The picture with the aviator, I think it’s the metro station Чкаловская ?? 🙂
    I used this station every day last summer, when I lived there in Петроградскый район ))
    very nice

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    I am a Moscow resident and never been toSt Petersburg before. An American friend of mine (he is a very intellegent man, one of the few americans i guess) was in St Petersburg this month. He told me very terrible things. He did talk to a lot of common people, police, bus drivers etc. He said that every day he Witnessed extreme poverty and oppression there. He told me that practically every day he saw children begging for food, old people digging through trash and constant presence of armed military everywhere he went.

    I did see a significant amount of poverty in Moscow during the 90s, But in the last few years i bareley see anyone begging, I noticed a significant drop of overall poverty in moscow, And i also do not see ayone digging trough trash exept for rare hobos. Once in a while i see 2 cops with AK47s but thats pretty rare. And the only time i have seen military is when they were taking one of their morning 20km jogs. Earlier this year i saw 1 truck with armed solders. That’s about the only time i have seen anything like that.

    But what this guy described to me sounded like an extremley opressive situation in St Petersburg.

    because i am very bothered by it.

    • It’s hard to find any military on streets in SPb, sometimes you can just see them moving to another part of the city (they actively use subway for it) and that’s all.
      It’s not so rich city as Moscow, however I personally have not seen a lot bums with the only exceptions: in the subway’s trains a lot of children beg for money and you’re right some old people dig in garbage cans. That’s true.

  18. i dont see why no one likes HDR. HDR can make a picture look so cool (if not realistic) but still cool

    and what photoshop filters? i dont see any here


    Those photos are like saying “European and American guys, go live and work in St. Petersburg, Russia.”

  20. Седьмая фотка-родной Петродворец. Одно из моих любимых мест, напротив верхнего парка и гимназии. Раньше в этом деревянном домике был магазинчик, теперь он закрыт. А на том месте теперь строят очередную отэль….

  21. You should better see photos of our premium district in Spb,where lives footbal stars,politics and others…
    Very rich and beautiful city


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