24 thoughts on “Some Renovation is Needed”

  1. Citizen forced to live on wrong side of balcony for punishment. He not able to live correct side unless he learn how to spread the cement correctly.

  2. And not until he demonstrates his skills by cementing from floor to ceiling, all the way around. Then he can come back in. Oh wait, guess not. Oh well.

  3. why he taking away cement????!?!?!
    U ASS terrorist?!?!?!?under mining prestigoes Russian apartment building for glorious inventors?!?!?!?! he must made death soon!!!!!

  4. yo i just saw a guy measuring a window frame in much the same manner, four stories up. took a picture, of course. this is also the window where we sometimes get a free peep show, so i hope the renovations won’t mess that up…

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  6. Hey,zafarad! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !i never used so many “question marks” same time! ! ! ! ! ! ! but anyway “I” enjoy a lot.carry on your “comments”! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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