19 thoughts on “The Mini Snail-House”

  1. I have only one word and that is ‘respect’, because it took her a lot of time and patience to make this. When I was a kind I did built aeroplanes and I took a lot of patience. But I think that that doesn’t come near how much patience that woman had to build this. So one more time respect.

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  4. once i worked to develop a resort concept in maldives. all the beach bungalows in the shape of sea shells. almost the similar concept. but investors at that time rejected the idea. I am still sure it will be one of the best resort concept in an island like Maldives.

  5. Ooh I really LOVE this! So amazing,i have no words, i love snails and i love this art. I wonder how many ohurs she spent on this. If you could buy this i woldn’t hesitate a sekond !!


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