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      • I meant the country, not the people. U.S. is far from a paradise either, but good lord, the worst slums here look better than most pics of neighborhoods posted here.

        Again, my comments were directed at the state, the gosudarstvo. Not the people.

        Russia would be much better off if it were conquered by French, or the Swedes in it’s time, I think.

      • I meant the country, the gosudarstvo – NOT the people.

        I consider myself Russian, but… I kinda think that if Russia was conquered by the French or the Swedes in its time, it’d be a better place now.

        Let me say that again: I hate the russian state, but at the same time I have nothing against the Russian people.

        • Like many Russians, both inside and outside Russia’s borders. But they don’t like it when others point this out. The surprising thing is that many are contributing to the pathetic situation by remaining quiet. In this sense Russians are true masochists: they complain all the time about their self inflicted problems. And about the lack of service everywhere, but at the same time – you guessed it.

          In Russia providing a service or just being friendly and service minded is considered a weakness.

    • yes!!!!spoken well!!!!!no one beats russian soul, peoples!!!!all makes us stronger!!!no gays,homos,junkies!!!strong peoples!!!proud!! no ones puppets!!!

  1. It is test on the closeness of plumbings networks in Novosibirsk (Siberia). That a catastrophe was not in winter. When -30 -40 celsium…

  2. Yeah, a really good scrub with dirt and stones to get the paint off. When a water pipe breaks and makes a hole in the ground, the ground has to go somewhere!

  3. There are very little number of gays in russia, All the gays came after USSR fell. In USSR we didn’t know what gay is.

    The reason why US is like #1 gay country is because there are so many of them, not a lot of people even bother to standing up against them, In russia if you are openly gay, you will get yourself beaten to a pulp eventually. I am not trying to be a Hitler here, i am just stating the fact. Gayness is just not accepted in the russian society

    And for those who think that all russian men are gay, those people are extreme homophobes

  4. Russians quite often still have this idea that being gay is a disease or a choice, or both. So you can cure it, or simply choose not to be gay. Well, that’s not true. Eastern Europe is indeed exceptionally harsh against gays. So choosing to be gay or not to ‘cure ‘ oneself sounds a bit unrealistic, right ?
    Trust me, in Russia the amount of gays is and has been as high as in other countries, but they keep a low profile.

    Someone once said you can judge a countries level of civilization by the way they deal with their minorities, like disabled people, retired old people and of course, gays. Well… let me put it this way, Russia is a great country provided you are rich, rich, rich and very healthy. Otherwise, prepare for humiliation, intimidation and never ending hardship. And a short lifespan.

  5. This may surprise you, but Russia was already conquered by the Swedes! Beginning in the 10th century, Swedish vikings started exploring deep into Russian territory. By the 12th century they ruled most of the major settlements. The word “Rus” is a Finnish word referring to Swedes. Rus = Swedish vikings. While most Russians are of Slavic descent, there is Swedish blood in Russian people to this day.

    I’m not even Russian and I know this. Books are good. Read them.

  6. The first Knyaz’ of Novgorod- Riurik,was a viking. he is kinda considered the founding father of “Rus'”
    I am guessing before that there were just a bunch of sloveni tribes/ citystates. But ancient russia does have a lot of viking influence in it. For example, the ships were totally viking style

  7. Slavich,

    I absolutely, 100% agree about Russian-speaking jews. I would pay a separate tax for those things to live somewhere far away from me (I spent about 3 yrs living in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, so I got more than enough obschenia with them.)

    Can you tell me which city you live in?
    Also, can you tell more about your situation?

  8. I live near Boston.

    i was raised by my grandparents since my parents died, and relatives in America tricked her into letting them adopt me, my grandma deeply regrets it now. Now everyone moved back to russia and i am renting out half a room and getting my act together

    • Wow, man, that’s some story. I’m sure you’ll adapt and overcome, though.
      Speaking of my criticism of Russia – again, U.S. is far from being the best of countries. By now, I’ve worked in the finance industry for about 1.5 yrs (as an IT consultant) and let me tell you – I’m so sick of the disgusting, phony and fake smiles, teeth, promises, just as I was sick of spinelessness of my coworkers (it’s considered something normal?)

      Do you have any type of an IM?

  9. The Fake smiles! there is just something about them that makes me want to kill a baby

    Hey i work in IT myself, I pretty much work for a small company, fixing computers and stuff.

    i have gmail

  10. Man, does this site ever get updated more than like once a week??

    I absolutely loved the “trains of Russia” post, also that impressionist painter’s works post – scary! Burns into your memory. So, Boston, huh.. It’s funny how I’ve seen pretty much every country in Europe (I was in the USN) but always lived in NYC and nowhere else – not even visits or tours or anything. I know cops in Boston have distinct uniforms, and trains are different =)

    • Yes the trains are quite fascinating, My grandmas house is near a train station, i loved looking at all the trains going by, I have a nostalgia for that place now. Once i saw an incredibly long train loaded with tanks and AA equipment, I was pretty amazed because i only saw tanks on TV before.

      The trains here are all the same, they are two story trains, but no variety,

      i sugest you just take a day and look through all the archives on this site, tons of cool stuff

  11. 100% Russian will never leave Russia, no matter how bad the state or the government is. Even if they are NOT 100% Russians by blood, like me, for example… But I`m a part of this land, and you are not – you are the weakling who left the Motherland during a hard time, for certain having robed it before departure. You have exchanged the right to be called as Russian on fat hamburger. Шкура ты, а не русский.

    “Lord Jesus suffered and we must suffer too” that was my grandma`s modus vivendi. And I agree – those suffering will only make us stronger. We are NOT the “greenhouse society” – and that`s why nor french, nor germans could defeat us. US has almost succeeded in it rotting us from within, killing our moral. But during 15 years of anarchy and government of traitors like you, our society have found immunity to “liberal values” of the West.

    • You don’t know anything about me or my situation.
      “Lord Jesus suffered and we must suffer too” <– that says alot about your IQ, cretin.
      Well, continue suffering, glupaya posredstvennaya ovza.

    • Can’t agree more with ZDANEK
      I read an article that the liberal values will sink in after the generation of the soviet values dies unless something happens.
      Sadly, i see russia become more like america lately.
      Some people criticize me for judging russia because i do not live in russia But i will move back the first chance i get.
      i am still not sure whether i should praise putin or hate him.
      I think that since medvedev, everything started to suck

  12. I’ve viewed every page on here already – in about 2 days =)
    This site definitely contains tons of cool stuff.
    What’s especially striking are the high quality pics of buildings, sidewalks, etc. It really brings the memories back – yet, at the same time, I found many things to be very different in my memory.

    The town I was born in – we moved from it to a different town when I was about 6. This past summer I finally got my old pals to take some pics of my old building and neighborhood – it’s incredible how different everything was in memory than in reality – it took me a while to start actually recognizing things!!

    But.. at the same time I’m not a big fan of nostalgia (Greek: nostos – “returning home”, algia – “pain”)
    As I always say: What’s lost in time cannot be found in space. Maybe that’s why I burned all my pictures from Kiev.

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