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  3. Exterior looks like it’s made of clay. Interior looks like it’s made of cut up cardboard boxes and red electrical tape. A fine job, if that’s al he had to work with, but otherwise… I’m not impressed.

  4. I, on the other hand, am impressed. Paint it and show it off!

    Wonder what chassis he started with. Kinda does hint at a Viper, cynical ______. If he turned a perfectly good viper into that, then I’m less impressed.

  5. the sketches look a lot cooler than the car itself. appearantly the man is a better designer than a craftsman…
    or he should just spend more money and have it done by professionals. shame… the drawings show he has good designing skills…

  6. exterior is sort of mazda and nissan together choped with an axe. but interior c’mon that middle console looks rlly baaaad

    at least it’s hand built sort of

    • Interior details look like temporary placeholders that are used while ergonomics is under testing. Important at that stage are controls and informative things, nothing else. You don’t want to replace costly final interior details every time you find something inconvenient you can’t predict while drawing, like frequest patch of light at computer screen.

  7. jesus christ that thing is hideous! why did he even bother drawing all those obvious “i think ill take what i like about a few cars and slap em together” drawings. it didnt look like any of them! what a strange world…

    • KAMAZ best trucks,Paris-Dakar winners over again!!!!!Easy to ride,easy to fix,CHEAPO!!!!polutte the air enormous!!!!Better!!!they last.

  8. Yes, indeed, I know the feeling. I do the same, building my plastic model cars. Never finished, same putty-splattered appearance; only difference is being a mess in 1:24 scale.

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