16 thoughts on “Towing its Wheel”

  1. That’s another thing I love about the russians – their art of improvisation and serenity when facing difficult situations. Maybe they’ve learned it in Soviet times, maybe they were always able to do so, I don’t know. But I know for sure the Americans lack these skills – just look at the mess in USA when handling the financial crisis!
    Living in Germany I think Germany should orientate more towards Russia and less towards USA! Вперёд, Россия, вперёд!

    • Yeah that worked great last time, you should try that again. 20 years on and east germany has almost caught up with it’s western brothers.

      • I disagree with Johnny, but in contrast to you, Domo, he actually made a point. And yes, maybe the day will come for Germany to join NATO. 😉

        You might wanna open up a history book some time. Or google it, if that suits your generation better.

    • Vpered? Vpered back to Russia, brother Johnny! Why should you torture yourself by living in wild Germany, when there is the Great, wonderful Russia?

    • Russians always know, how to handle any situation.
      Im Russian.
      But Im not think in that situation that solution is best. Anyway, its moves…

    • HEY, Be careful what you say, Americans are in Poland now, And already made babies with Johnny´s mommy in germany, SOON Little Russia will be ours, HAA HA HAAAA HA HAAA

    • Careful what you say little Johnny, Last nite when your mother and I were in bed, We talked about sending your sorry behind to a military school in the GREAT U.S.of A.

    • I’m an American, and I also respect and admire the spirit of improvisation and having a sense of honor in pushing forward in difficult situations. There are many Americans who still have this spirit, but our interdependence on safety for safety’s sake has grown most of my generation into people who have a hard time figuring out how to make do. With Bush shoving us down the path he has though they might be forced to learn how it’s done though….

  2. Unreal,I just love Russia.Its not hard to see where Russia has spent its money in the last 75 years,on missles and not infastructure (roads)!

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