13 thoughts on “No Delievery Today”

  1. again a Russian man strikes oil! ! !entersworld of rich,famous,desired one! ! ! be not deceived! ! !russian roads are good,not like suggested,last year Putin,Medvedev build almost 600 km of NEW ROADS! ! ! !where is EU,where is U ASS! ! ! no new roads there,only in Rossiya ! ! !!

    • No, we haven’t built any new roads, because, guess what, our roads are already way better than the roads you have in Russian, no need for new roads here.

  2. What can we learn from those pictures? What is the solution to Russian roads? Is it a car, a Jeep, nooo it is our beloved T-90. THE solution to bad roads, traffic jams, no place to park, car theft, wheels theft,…

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