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  1. I like the paintings, they’re pretty cool. They radiate this sort of dark morbid feeling. Does anyone know the artist’s name?

  2. Люблю эти картинки!
    They remind me a lot of the Russian avantgarde paintings from the early 20s. Russian painters, Repin, Malewitsch, Kandinsky are the real heroes of art!
    But I could swear, this picture with the baby biting a rat is by Salvador Dali. Why is the peasant in the Lenin picture holding his arm behind his back as if he was hiding something?

    • Ok ok, take it easy CZenda… here in Spain we say ‘Para gustos los colores’ in other words: there are diferent colors for diferent people and diferent points of view.

  3. To the people who say it’s ugly..
    go back to buying your f—ing diesel cologne and your Guido clothes, with plenty of techno-trance (alterated fire alarm) music for good measure.

    This artist’s work is some of the most interesting I’ve seen in some time. I really like the one with the men in boats, almost canoes, with the motors.

  4. I beg you, stop confusing “Russian” with “From Russia”. It’s not the same thing! Obviously this “artist” is a Jew, he is not “Russian”! His hatred towards real russians radiates through these ugly pictures!

    • you ignorant fool, wtf does religion have to do with nationality. I’m Jewish and Russian.. let that blow your mind a little.

      But please, don’t get offended, keep being ignorant.. that’s how the world economy works, the more of you..the better it does.

      on another note, this is wonderful work. I haven’t seen art this good since before someone thought throwing paint on a painting looks good and called it an artform.

  5. The men in boats one is my favourite too… maybe for the contrast of the sunny blue sky and the dirty canoes, or just for the feeling of movement of the composition… really interesting.

  6. In reference to picture #5… We have a Centaur living right here in Texas… Take a look.

  7. Excellent! I really liked 1 thu 9, especially 1 and 9. This artists style reminds me of the American artist Robert Crumb’, here:

    A somewhat unsettling style, yet I found it penetrating.

  8. Очень понравилось – вот о художнике http://www.moscow-painters.ru/db/invention.php?id=681
    I like it… Something in English http://www.artscope.net/VAREVIEWS/shulzhenko0799.shtml

  9. Well. The name of this artist is Vasiliy Shulzhenko. A strange depressive sometimes ugly works, but not ordinal and noone can repeat these.

  10. and with a steamy bowl of Borscht poured on top of all that.
    Seriously, one of my favourites. you should also check http://kopeikinn.livejournal.com or http://vasya-lozhkin.livejournal.com for some serious Russsian Bosch-ness.

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  12. I love this. I saw a painting when I was at school called the Potato Eaters, and this reminds me of that. THis is my sort of art. Dark, gritty, grim. Like life.

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  14. Arts evolves with society. If you call this degenerate, then what would you call Picasso’s painting?
    Provocative, but interesting. What is art if the author don’t express himself?

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