16 thoughts on “The Maple Roses”

    • What sense of placing pictures when everyone can click on the reference? As I see ER becames really Russian.
      PS. Pictures are still not visible.

  1. Only thing matters is comments!!!!we not need pictures to show Rossiyas status!!!!we invest in country,infra strukture,peoples!!!in 2009 we will be 4th greatest economic power !!!

  2. can not handle truth can u? ? ? ? ???! ! ??!?!?! ?!??????

    RUSSIA is rising! !!!!! 2007 we build almost 600 km of NEW ROADSin glorious empire!!!!! !! !600km.where is U ASS?????not 600 km in U ASSS!!!!!!soom wil be needy beggar at RUSSIAS gates!!!!”enemy at the gates”!!!!!!!

  3. Not after 30, in general.
    Due to little exercise and food rich in carbs and sugars [russian tradition: tea with sweets!] they soon lose their figure and turn into little apples.

    Although some do seem to possess the eternal youth, in particular those who have traces of Tatar-Mongolian tribes in their blood. But the majority is like the woman on the picture. A ‘tjotinka’.

    • Well maybe if she makes enough maple-leaf roses you will be able to sell them and finally afford that 34cm black and white TV you’ve been dying for…or maybe just a transistor radio.

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