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    • Hm, i guess you`re wrong.
      Fistcuffs is a old russian entertainment since ancient ages. Ancient russian (rus`) soldiers competed – who`s the best of them, and trainin` waiting for a coming fight. (sorry for my english)
      They r fightin` not becuase of their hard life. It

  1. Seeing the pictures of the Czar and his family I recall that all Czars were recently declared to be ‘Holy’ (read : like saints) by the Russian Orthodox Church.
    These ‘noble’ people were milking the population dry as much as they could. Torture, repression, legalized theft, you name it. A very strict autocratic regime enforcing its power with the most harsh methods. And now they are holy.

    This proves again what a joke the Church has become, the leaders, that is. They are politicians, playing the people who put their trust in them. Charity for them is a word they need to look up in the dictionary.

    The village priests are the real heroes. They spread the word of God.

    • Alex, yes last pic is Anastasia Nikolaevna. And also pic 14 is the whole Tsar family including Tsar Nicholas II. All murdered by Lenin.

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  3. Russia,Russians were and are the eternally “invincible”.no matter what circumstances and challenges! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !we are ready for the “worst”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Putin please tight the rope,in the neck of Ukraine! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. Can someone explain to me why most faces look more western european in those pictures than many of the faces in any of the recent pictures from Russia?

    • А если Вы сравните их (эти фото) с западноевропейскими, в особенности австро-венгерскими или северо-итальянскими, то Вы с трудом найдете различия в лицах и фоне фотографий. Все так похоже. Это к вопросу “отсталости” России и ее “не-европейскости”.

  5. The picture with the last tsar is almost identical to Dmitri Medvedev if the latter one had a beard!!! Have i solved the mystery of Medvedevs true origins?

    • No! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.Medvedev still has “mysterious” personality.one can`t predict his next destination after “Georgia”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !and after having some kind of “beard” almost every one look like “Tsar”! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Putin is also future “Tsar”! ! ! ! ! ! !

  6. I wonder what is happening on the picture 39?
    Possibly a 1914 mobilization – or bolshevik revolutionary propaganda?
    Can somebody decipher the flags?

  7. russian people are white, but its a multicultural country, with a huge percentage of its inhabitants being asian, arab, etc. there are just a lot more of them now(unfortunately) than there were then

    • There’s no arabs in Russia or it is not enough of them. But a lot of caucasians especially in big cities. Actually, this is the problem.

      • what do u mean this is the problem?? the less brown people, the less terrorists, even though we all know that russia has had its share of terror, wouldnt happen if it was only caucasians

        • The great part of the alien population is always a problem. Locals in any country dont like it. And who has told that all of them terrorists, among Caucasians are also Christians: Georgians, Ossetins, Armenians. As to,”we all know that russia has had its share of terror” – that were exception to the rules. Terrorism is not typical for the christian world.

      • “Russians now want to work at an office if possible”

        What’s wrong with this? I think the same things taking place all over the world. The local population does not want to let alien take the best posts in management.

        • Let me tell you twice: “The local population does not want to let alien take the best posts in management.” And nothing i can do with this.
          Who’s blamed them?
          There’s something in your post that could be interesting, but still i’m thinking that you haven’t got me.

        • Let me tell you twice: “The local population does not want to let alien take the best posts in management.” And nothing i can do with this.
          Who’s blamed them?
          There’s something in your post that could be interesting, but still i’m thinking that you haven’t got me.

        • “Aliens taking the best spots’ – how would that be possible in Russia?
          It would be possible in Russia… in 37-th century! No, no, no…(DP) Sure!

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  9. Lenin did right!!!!these imperialist vampires should have been killed in condom.now we have new “CZAR”! ! !! Putin and Medvedev are new heroes! ! ! !CZARS! ! !saveing Rossiya from poverty like on pictures! ! ! ! opening country up! ! !Last year building more than 600 km of NEW ROADS ! !! !

    • Roads to new destination SIBERIA.where all needy and greedy peoples can live and die together.we can`t blame every wrong thing to Lenin.Lenin was the great philosopher,great revolutionary,great leader and great Russian God of bless.

      • 600 km of new roads is almost nothing in a country as vast as Russia.

        The European part of Russia has far less roads than Poland, i.e., which is much smaller. Between Moscow and St. Pete [together over 22 million inhabitants] is only a single 2 lane road which is badly maintained. I remember several picorials on English Russia about this. There is even a section on YouTube devoted entirly to accidents happening on this road. Amazing.

        As for the asian part, over 7000 cities cannot be reached by paved roads, even. Russian infrastructure is notoriously bad.

        And even though the government is trying to do something about it, the widespread corruption makes this virtually impossible. Most money ends up in someones pocket. Medvedev announced a battle against corruption, but the problem is that the people who have to fight the corruption [in this ‘battle’] are in many cases the same benefiting the most from it.

        A saying in Russia goes: the fish always starts rotting from the head. And it is very true, unfortunately.

    • “Lenin did right!!!!”

      Ummm, I give up. What is it that Lenin did right? Before 1918, Russia produced enough grain to feed the Russian people and to export some to other nations.

      After 1918, the Soviets produced less grain, millions starved, and no grain was available for export. The Soviets wasted valuable capital every single year from 1920 to 1993 to import grain to feed themselves. Then in 1994, Russia again started exporting grain.

      You may think that Lenin was great, but there are two universal characteristics of Marxism: functional inefficiency and institutional corruption. The seventy years when The Soviets could not feed themselves is a sign of functional inefficiency. Institutional corruption was dominant throughout the Soviet Era and continues to this day under (Ras)Putin.

  10. i doubt Russia is better today than what it was in the pic. The Czar is simply replaced by Putin and Medvedev. Such a sad and sorry country.

  11. Yes, the picture with people walking next to cars in a row looks like New York city or some other American city. The banners on the sides of the cars are stars and stripes! Even the signs are in english. This picture somehow got included accidentally.

  12. хыы.. красиво! спасибо за фотографии, очень нравится. прошу прощения, может я не очень хорошо знаю историю и не могу сказать точную личность, но девочка на последней фотографии очень красивая 🙂

    а вообще совершенно случайно наткнулся на этот блог – очень интересный. подпишусь чтоли. спасибо!

  13. Misplaced photo aside, most of the scenes depicted here could have been taken in the USA of that time as well. The urban buildings, the dirt-farmers, the old men with their beards… we were not so different back then. I wonder how Russia’s history might have differed had the Romanovs not sucked the people dry and been oblivious to the pain of doing it.

  14. “Romanovs not sucked the people dry and been oblivious to the pain of doing it.”

    It is a system, and they would have not wanted to give it up in my opinion. Though its seems that the last czar seeeeemed to have sympathy for the Russians.

    I am still not sure about Lenin and the boys. Was he a pawn that got loose of Western elites? God knows but I’m sure the infor is in the KGB files.

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