Kamchatka 1

66 Kamchatka


Kamchatka, a good place in Russia to visit. It is famous for its volcanoes, the valleys of hot springs, wild bears that
don't afraid men, very snow but not cold winters and low population rate, and yes it's next to Atlantic.
Russian police car 1

34 New Police Trucks

New Police Trucks

Russian police has got new trucks to chase
criminals even where there are now roads at all.
condoleezza rice 1

15 Condi at Work

Condi at Work

Russian people love Condoleeza, so they
design a better workplace for her.
Russian toilet ads 1

17 Ad Placement

Ad Placement

Some advertisement companies continue using
this kind of placement for the ads.
Russian playing cards 1

49 The Soviet Mayan Playing Cards

The Soviet Mayan Playing Cards

As it happens Mayan motives were popular in Soviet times in Russia. The only vendor for playing cards (as for many other stuff in Soviet Russia) was the Soviet State, so there were only a few type of
the cards - just maybe ten at most, not hundreds or thousands as in free market societies, and one of the types of the playing cards were devoted to the Mayan culture for some reason.
Russian mamoth's tusks used for art 1

6 The Tusk Art

The Tusk Art

Mammoths are already dead for centuries, and most of their remains are being found in the deep frozen soil of Siberian regions. Just some of them are used for scientific research, thousands more are being used by locals for
carving. The whole carving art has been formed for many years of finding those mammoth remains. They don't have ivory but plenty of this prehistoric material so it has become good substitute for the carving craft.
New Pepsi logo in Russia 1

18 New Pepsi Logo

New Pepsi Logo

The new Pepsi logo is also widely
discussed in Russian blogs.
Moscow city view 1

22 Moscow, the Roof View

Moscow, the Roof View

Those photos were made
from Moscow city roofs.
Car near church in Russia 1

15 Sunday Mass Mess

Sunday Mass Mess

Sunday mass got wrong for
the ford driver.
dump of wastes in Moscow, Russia 1

18 Wastes Around Moscow

Wastes Around Moscow

Most of waste management companies in Russia don't burn the trash but dump it around major
Russian cities, so you can go and visit the place where all the used stuff goes.

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