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    • how typical Russian, everything is dark, gloomy, and rotting. American wooden houses are bright, well maintained and worth millions of $

      • American wooden houses, have you been to US or you are from the US? You should once go to the Afro-American neighbourhoods, or from the Native Americans (I mean the real Native Americans and not some white people). In some American neighbourhoods almost such houses can be found, well so much decorated but in the same state of decay. It is wrong to say that American houses, as every American wooden house, is bright and well maintained; and every Russian wooden house is dark, gloomy and rotting.

        American houses worth millions of dollars?? well there is now a house crisis, and the only thing most of the wooden American houses are worth millions, is in Roubles.

        Look at Detroit, ok not wooden houses but still dark, gloomy and rotting at best. So you have such houses in the US too, and in the big cities, but away from the view of most white Americans.

        • Look at New York City it is falling apart, rotten and smells like urine. It is just very American to lecture around sitting on a pile of sh%#t.

        • I have a detroit house, it is bright sometimes and dark and gloomy sometimes
          and a lot better than living in a pink brick neuvo riche nightmare

      • those Houses are older Then USA.[country]

        So don’t compare american houses to these absolutely fantastic monuments.

        best regards from poland

        • thank you, they’re probably of upwards of 200-500 years old.
          older then the united states, which makes houses that barely last 20-30 years WITH proper care. I live in florida, I know.. i’ve been to St.Augustine and all the other old historic districts here. They’re darker,gloomier, and utterly non-artistic… they’re only specialty is being “old” in regards to america which usually means 100 or less years.

      • not like those lovely Mumbai lean-tos. I’m sorry, which caste are you from? Untouchables? Or just supremely ignorant?

  1. I like this gloomy, yet somehow cosy and friendly HDR-style autumn atmosphere on these pics. I’m sure I’d feel quite comfortable in these charming houses!

  2. Anyone familiar with the Town or Villiage? Where is it located? It’s a shame that the houses and buildings can’t be maintained to preserve their beauty.

    • You can go to almost any small village in Russia, I was to Ryzayn, which is about 4 hours away from Moscow, it has the same exact old villages there. You can even buy abandoned one for about $200 from local housing authorities

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  4. Because if nobody makes bad jokes, good jokes wouldn’t exist anymore! It’s a matter of international laughiness!

    You better be happy that I’m around…

  5. Amazing woodwork, I´ve done some myself so I know how much work there is behind these…

    And this “gloomy” look someone talked about, it is photographers choice of lighting; some HDR too, perhaps?

  6. Ur all douchebags. im from russia but live in USA. those houses is a hint of rememberance of what russia used to b like. plus houses here fall like paper. those things are standing still arent they?

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  10. these photos are gorgeous. i just sent the link to my sister (here in the US)who is a designer and used some similar trim is a new modern kitchen, high above the marble slabs. the contrast w/the sanded glass backsplash was fantastic.

    i think it is really sad when people need to use pictures oif architectural gems as a forum for political BS wrt some need to create a dominant american exceptionalism theme. grow up.

  11. These houses are beautiful because of the craftsmanship.
    The graininess and darkness of the photos are most likely from photoshop.

    And to the person that generalizes that all houses in the US are bright and sunny, you’ve obviously not traveled very far.

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  22. The houses are beautiful.
    You have to consider that they were built with hand tools, power nothing. That for such a long time, in such a climate that they are still standing is a testament to the tradesmen. Storms, heat waves, floods, Revolution, wars and neglect.

    By the way, in New England, there are many such old, dark houses. You can find wood frame houses, three to four hundred years old.

    Wood over time, slowly carbonizes, turning wood black.

  23. What a cultural treasure, they should name these a National Treasure and restore, preserve and protect them, in fact you could apply for World Heritage site and make loads of money with tourism from Japan, Europe, etc. from these locations without ruining their genuinity.


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  25. Those aren’t wooden windows. Wooden frames, yes. Wooden shutters, yes. But wooden windows would make the inside much too dark. Great pictures though.

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  29. Nice photo!
    Irkutsk wooden houses are beautiful even when abandoned 🙂
    If you like this wooden houses – welcome to site with photos of traditional Russian Wondow trims “Nalichniki”.

  30. What a beautiful collection of houses and windows made with skill and devotion. Here in the USA we were led to believe that Siberia was a total waste land and only used to house so called criminals in gulags. I was always intrigued with Russia, the real basic things like cultures, architecture and other things I just wondered about. But being born in the late 1940s ,I did not get any accurate information about anything, least of all if it concerned anywhere east of Paris, and even that was highly suspect as truthful. I never believed most of our disinformation conspiracy by politics and press, our free press but still had a great interest on what was actually happening on the other side of that ‘Iron Curtain”. Still, and even after some normalization of relations, our press teeters on a fine line of truth and invention, and , I suppose the same can be said for information being released.
    Nonetheless, these are still beautiful pictures.


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