37 thoughts on “Moscow Zoo at 1920”

  1. You know there’s only one place where giraffes are trained basketball and the leopard baby has to help the dog puppy in order to win the seesaw game: communist zoos FTW!

    There’s only one question left: Где Гена?

  2. Где Гена?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought, too, but obvisously he was not born yet, right? Those pics are from 20’s, and Gena must have been born…what a…40’s? I guess? (Wow! Is he a war survivor?)

  3. The camera the old gentleman is using in one of the cameras looks very modern; is it a Lomo? According to Wikipedia, Lomo made the first Russian camera in 1930. I am guessing by styles around him late 40’s to early 60’s?

    • Looks like a Komodo to me – surely they’re too dangerous to get that close to.

      Full of toxins that slowly poison their prey when bitten.

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  5. Interesting set of photos. I don’t think all of them are from the 20’s but they are still quite old. Just the exhibits themselves would be interesting, just comparing them to what modern exhibits look like now.
    It doesn’t look like they worried too much about safety or putting animals that may not go well together in the same exhibit, or did they let them run loose?
    Still very interesting photos. I would love to see photos from other zoos around the world around that time to compare them.

    • Гена лучший друг Чебурашки!! 😀
      Разве ты не знаешь его?
      Но наверно он родился поздний, вот почему он не на фотографиях (как сказал tokio express)
      Gena defended soviet motherland against fascist invaders lol

      sorry for bad russian, but im still learning the language

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