25 thoughts on “Dealership Attack”

  1. No, actually I think that this ws an attack on a rival car dealorship. As it turned out, no one was around armed with an AK-47 (or other effective weapons). So the BMW rests on its roof.

    I think this might be a fugue (fuga) on the state of civil society in the “former” USSR (CCCP), which is not so ‘former’ it seems. I really mourn for youse guys. Not that that will make any difference in Rossiya. And I’m sorry about the whole screwed up thing. G

  2. My latvian friends always complain about the fact that latvia has the worst drivers in europe… come on guys look at this! How can you say this happened because of a “bad driver”?! It takes EXCELLENT SKILLS to do that!

  3. Looks Like Superman just threw the car across the carpack.

    U can see were it hit the curb (smasing the rims) and must have spun the car over.

    otherwise – it would have been a sweet power slide till u hit the curb…lol

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