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  1. face it. you just don’t know how to use computers. been using vista on all my computers and they’ve been fine. i run all sorts of games and applications. what kind of games can you play on linux?

  2. Well you could read it an other way: “Windows Vista – the digital future starts here”.”, the digital future starts here in the toilet with vista. OK it is not so funny as in my mind, but hoppeflully you will get it…

  3. The software dialog-box said: “Windows Vista or better” – so I bought a Mac. Once you get a Mac, you never go back.

    I use it to watch and record TV, to play DVDs, music and downloads and of course everything related to computing.

    It also looks stunning – it comes with High Definition ISP LCD screen [nothing sharper exists] surround sound, camera and microphone plus all the software an average person needs pre-installed, ready to use. Etc…

    Even the geeks can go wild, using the UNIX-Terminal command-line interface to play around.. Plus nowadays it’s 100% compatible with Windows.
    You can even run Windows on the Mac, in case you want to compare.
    I did. On the same hardware the Mac booted up in 35 seconds, where Vista took around a minute and a half… also because of the countless viruses that needed to be battled. There are no viruses for the Mac OS.

    If you want to play games, buy a console. Nothing can beat that. For computing, buy a Mac. You never notice the operating system, EVERYTHING is plug-play [i.e. the OS comes with 3100 printer drivers pre-installed, where Vista has 2100. Considering the fact that 80 – 85 % of computers run [still] Windows, and only 5-10% use Mac, this already shows the huge difference. You will never see that hated dialog pop-up again: “new hardware found”.


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  8. “Windows Vista – the digital future starts here” – is not correct
    “Windows Vista – the digital world starts here” – okey

  9. My dear wife decided we needed a new computer–this with no knowlege of how they work, or operate.
    So, she tssed out our old box, and everything associated with it. The she bought a new one, with Windows Vista already installed! OYYY! Such a business! I’d trade this mess for my old computer–at least i could access files, and operate it. I have tried to recreate my files, but they soon disappear, never to be seen again! RATS!!

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  14. NASA has 60’000 Windows machines, and they do serious business on those, not gaming. The launch control runs a special real time UNIX system and not Linux.

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  19. Posner cooked up a rly cool track with cooler than me! It makes me reminisce abt my high school days haha.


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