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  1. This pictures are the pictures of soon future! ! ! !future of estonia and latvia ! ! ! !ukraina ! ! !others. russia is no ones puppet.we will take what is from us! ! ! !we strike out and do hard things! ! ! !think georgia! ! !there be les peoples but they be better! ! !

    • I’m sure now that you just didn’t read any historical book.

      in 1939-41 nazis and soviet russians were friends. both criminals. Tell me more about this stopping nazis :)))

      in Baltic states nazis killed less people than russians.

      and.. my president just isn’t from kgb or other criminal organisation

      • if you don’t understand politics don’t talk about it. Nazi germany and USSR weren’t friends. They both made plans to attack each other, Germany attacked sooner. That’s the story.

        • No. Molotov Ribbentrop pact. Stalin couldn’t believe Hitler would attack him at first, so he didn’t even react when it happened. Which caused 1000s of Russian soldiers to die. Read your history books again. Wikipedia even…

    • Zhirinovskiy is not a nationalist, he`s liberal-democrat dude.
      On the 3rd pic. is Zyuganov – leader of Communist Party.
      Yeey! Today is a communist party: gals at the red bikini, strong guys with horns and much more caviar. BUT! BYOB! КПСС!

      • “Zhirinovskiy is not a nationalist, he`s liberal-democrat dude.”

        Although his party calls itself such, he and his party both are neither liberal nor democratic. He’s a dangerous fanatic, who has in the past for ex. advocated restoring the borders of Imperial Russia aka. attacking at least 6 countries.

      • Liberal-democrat with Russian logic. The man who fought with monkeys with bare hands http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeX0iDfQdR4

        And the man who meets his voters on the street http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU0X3frlbc4

        And always has good words for the people who help implement the law http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzDT6N2saIY

        And when it all gets too hot takes a nice dive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEFOg8KGKT4

        Who would not like to stand on a truck next to a man with such dancing skills http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5rRTbZ_pSQ

  2. Alexander rutskoi and Ruslan khasbulatov were two Soldiers,two statesman and two revolutionaries! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.we pay tribute to them.

  3. I am only hoping a similar fight will take place in MY COUNTRY. NO BAILOUT for the fat cats in Wall Street. Let them jump out the window. The marketplace will pick up the pieces.
    NO BAILOUT, it will not work, and it will render USA a fascist nation.

  4. Call us americans what you will, but we have been around less then 300 hundered years and acomplished what you Europeans havent been able to do since Rome…

    • And what exactly would that accomplishment be?

      The world’s best education? A fair electoral system? A good health care, perhaps? A balanced fiscal policy? The lowest carbon emissions per capita?

      Or are you speaking about having the most working nukes in the world?

      • Not to start an argument, but in the top 10 of most polluted cities in the world Russia and the former Soviet satellites together hold 4 positions: Dzerzhinsk, Norilsk, Sumgaijit [azerbaijan] and Chernobyl [ukraine].

      • By the way, These are great photos, I was always interested in this period of time in Russia, but the footage of this stuff and photos are so rare. This was actually the second i would say pro USSR revolution, some former soviet republics like Kazakhstan actually wanted to be part of soviet union again. Many people were actually for the reformation if the USSR. But things go so out of control that all Siberian regions threatened to cut off supplies to Moscow and even break away from the country if Yeltsin opens fire on Dom Pravitel’stva (whats now the white house).

        I did however dig up several chapters of this footage, but it was bad quality and i lost the links sorry

    • Yes in 300 years you have cleaned the land of all the native Americans, taking land that belonged to other peacefull people. Then you try to tell the world how to live, and call yourslef a democracy.

      But you know americans are from europe do you? Or did you think american race is unique?

  5. Check out these facts:

    Newly released overview of corruption in the world. Where is Russia on this list? 147 on a list of 180. Between Kenya and Bangladesh. Slightly above Papua-New Guinea.

    We should be ashamed. The Russian mentality is the big problem. People are in a certain high-ranking position not because of their capabilities, but because they know the right people. This will lead to disaster. There is still a lot of work to do !!


    The download-link is at the bottom.

  6. is true ! ! !U ASS is evil imperialist agressor! ! ! !only difference with nazis is words used ! ! !we will stand up against rutless agressor and kick dust from fat lard asses ! !
    we control weather and destroy oil drilling in mexican sea ! ! !then NASHI can put good trained indoctrinate leaders in right spots ! ! !world will be different ! ! !less peoples but better peoples! ! !RUSSIAN pure blood will rule and RUSSIA empire is in power again ! ! !soon! ! ! ! U ASS better start stocking hamburger we will ban unhealthy foods! !! ! !will ban homo marriage ! ! ! !negroes back to afrika ! ! ! ban all that is not right NASHI will decide the future! ! ! !

    • Calm down,calm down.dear “Zafarad” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! .you said that all negroes will be deport to their homelands in Afrika! ! ! ! ! ! ! !but please give us about the future of “Obama” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! .because of he is half White and Half Negro ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

  7. Look @ all these haters around us everyday…Hating a on a country because they cant get no play…I yi yi…Coming from a country who had people photoshoped out of their pictures the last 60 years and has a prime minister who is kgb and still runs the show with a puppet president, I wouldnt talk….

  8. Wow after reading all the post in responsed to my first, it feals like I struck the perverbial nerve…And to answer your Question my Ancestors were all from California when it was part of mexico before it became annexed by the United Sates.

  9. If I want I can make an article on wikipedia, don’t believe it too much. Stalin wanted to attack Europe as Hitler did. Only Hitler attacked first. Russian army was preparing for an attack not a defense, that’s why it took time to reorganize. Use your brains when you read something, don’t believe everything you read.


  11. > Nazi germany and USSR weren’t friends.

    Hahahaha, you just don’t know history or only russian propaganda…
    Just look at maps from 1940′ Who grab baltic states?

  12. Bristish, France and America supported NAZI to get rid of CCCP. they do not like Communist.

    Gorbachev is the most studpid guy that make the CCCP collapse. All the bad things came in after the collapse of the CCCP.

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