64 thoughts on “An Abandoned Coastline Defense Canon Battery”

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  2. Do not be deceived !! !

    This is in perfect condition and only “masked” to look defect! ! ! ! we Russians again trick world ! ! !World cannot trick Russia ! !! Shiny canons easy target for not shiny Russians! ! ! Hurrah ! ! !Hurrah! ! ! !

  3. Eerie, we have places like that on the English coast. Some dating back to the Napoleonic wars.

    Don’t think I have ever seen one where the armament was left though, they were all thoroughly de-commissioned.

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  6. OMG this site ROCKS! Love the insane comments by Zafarad! Great comedy!

    Seriously, tho’, I saw a documentary which touched on this series of bunkers, and they were started in the 30’s and completed as they appear in the photos only in the last year of WW II. Germans tried to overrun it, with the desire to capture it, but the Russians inside decided to blow it up—with themselves inside—rather than surrender it or lose it to the Germans. Amazing bravery. Hats off to the Ruskies!

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  8. I think these pictures should be published on http://www.forbidden-places.net/
    It’s a urban exploration site that tracks places like these.
    But great pics, great place.

  9. does anybody know if a map with the installations can be found anywhere – I am thinking of creating a game-table of this for some tabletop-wargames I play.

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  16. This seems to be one of the more intact abandoned facilities. There is still some equipment. I also noticed that in http://englishrussia.com/images/coastline_canon/12.jpg there is some small rms ammunition on the ground. I’m guessing 7.62x54r but I really can’t tell. This place certainly seems to have a lot to say. I’m a bit at a loss for words.

  17. Yesterday I bought Canon Battery from online shopping, today i have already receive it’s and in next 3 years may be my battery stay in this place ha ha

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  20. Interesting that the batteries were constructed in 1946. In the US, the coast artillery corps was disbanded in 1950 and all guns cut up for scrap.


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