New Music Videos

Here are two new music videos rising in popularity across Russian Internet.
First one above is a song devoted to the native city of the singers. It’s called “I love you Tsivilsk!”

The second is about vampires in some Russian school.
“They want blood blood!
They want meat meat!
They want eat eat!”

20 thoughts on “New Music Videos”

  1. I liked the video about Civilsk. I’ve been there a couple of times. It’s in the poor Chuvash republic (Chuvash people are a Turkic people). The town’s name means something like “civilized”, which, unfortunately, is not quite true.

  2. Get children out of TV. Stop watch `em horrors! ((((:
    By the way, the 1st video is a remix to “gangsta rap star” Timati – “I love you Moscow”.

  3. Pure sick minded videos.i advice something creative and purpose full message,like… more work for the peoples and mother Russia! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.we need something motivating work of art.Nashis are the best youths around us.we can take some advise from them.pure entertainment is out of our ideology.we always wanna motivational videos.fu**k U ASS styled copy music.

  4. Real gangsta rap from Novokuznetsk (West Siberia):
    Jas feat Recpect – Это Запсиб (Eto Zapsib (i.e.WestSib))

    Funny parody on gangsta rap, Syava – ‘Bodryachkom’ –
    (His real name is Slava Mook, from Perm’)

  5. Чё за пьянь в 1-ом видео? Смотреть тошно! Повырубал бы этих придурков, да руки марать не охото!

    I liked the kid’s hard-core vocal, heheh! Would sound so much better in context of some black metal song! He needs to hook up with some Norwegian blokes and redo the song in a proper format. 😉

    P.S. They sing about zombies, not vamps.

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