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    • they look neat and clean, formal, well armed and well fed, unlike russian soldiers who look more like taliban fighters with no proper uniform and looks like starving ethiopians. 🙁

    • Pathethic post to undermine Estonia.. Reservists..

      Real ranks are in Afghanistan with the west…see pics


      you have to admire bitter russians…. haha

    • Looks are deceiving. Very.

      I was riding a train in Russia, when some exconvicts started bothering us. They chose the least dangerous looking guys from our group, the ones that had returned from a mission in Afghanistan, and a special forces instructor, he was by far the least dangerous looking, old and overweight.
      Unlike the “tough looking” soldiers you see riding tanks, they were able to solve the situations peacefully. I think, should the need have arised, the excon-s would not have undrestood what hit them. A peaceful solution was a lot better, no danger of being knifed at night, no police, only annoyance.

      The men on these pictures are supposed to go to the forest, let the enemy pass and then start to fight. That means all their equipment has to be quite light, including antitank weapons. Most of them can shoot quite well, lay mines, use a map effectively etc. In a flash war they are quite weak against tanks, but in guerilla war they are a lot stonger than the same amount of young conscripts.
      In case of the war the russians would be raping and the babyfaces will be doing their best in killing them, one by one.

      BTW the iraqis made a movie about their snipers, baghdad sniper, shooting US soldiers. The main man was overweight. So what, he had killed over 50, not to mention the panic he created.

    • Thats the Estonian defence league, not the army, In defence league there are volunteers who like spending time in forest shooting blanks and sleeping outdoors. The army is much more dissiplined.

  1. this is not exactly the “army of estonia”. they are only members of a a volunteer paramilitary organization which is not considered a branch of the regular armed forces. anyone can join

  2. It’s just national defense league – everyone who wants to be able to protect country can join. Trainings will take place on weekends once in month or two. This is fully voluntary organization, but Estonia has also national defense forces were every young man should go through for 9 or 12 month full military training. For peacekeeping missions in former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan there are also professional units. Much better looking then older and younger men on pictures here, really professional defense of NATO country.

  3. Look at these sorry peoples!!!! I hope they will attack Russia so Russia can kick their asses!!!! Medvedev can kick the Estonian army out by himself!!! With help from his wife she is very big!!!They do not need army even!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !what a “coincidence” .i think “our minds frequency is more than match.carry on”Zafarad”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.

    • Poles are not at home ! ! !
      all working in EU west european countries ! ! ! we can just walk in and kick their asses and rape them woman and girls like we did before ! ! ! It was good then in it be good now ! !! ! Nashi! ! ! ! !

      • Yes that is all the Russian army is good for, raping women. They’d better stick to raping the Nashi boy scouts that is more up to their standard. Anyway, over a few decades there won’t be any Russians left, they will all have died out after the last Russian woman ran away to find a normal, not Rusian that is, husband.

      • In 1609 Poles fought Russian army and richted Moscow like nobody before. For 3 years Poles have fun on Russian land, drinking and making love with Russian women. Who knows, maybe you have some Polish blood in your vains you should be proud of.

        • Yea, 3 years of cruel fun against peaceful nation and 300+ years of hard ass-abuse in return from them. Poles deserved it.

          «Pole» isn’t nationality. It’s a diagnosis.

    • yea, all hail Medvedev, the saviour of Russia and divine being on Earth. Lets hope he comes up with better world domination plan than previous Russian leaders.


  4. I see the imperialistic Russia is looking for yet another innocent target of their expansive war games.
    No, but really, who cares how an army looks – oh that’s right, only Russians, having nothing else. I bet they weep for their “glorious” past.

  5. it’s obviously not the Russian army, otherwise you would see how their pockets were filled with cash, jewels, gold, watches and other stuff looted in Georgia.

    • you forgot to mention stolen WC – 1st thing we look for is WC to steal and drag to our dirty lair…

      Now if you try to use your brain for a moment, you understand – Russia have EVERYTHING it need to prosper – so there is no need to invade anyone (esp. baltic states), while so called “european civilization” suffer because of lack of resources of all kind – from african slaves and indian spice it exploited in the past, to oil and gas it desperatelly needs now. Now who have more reasons for invasion?

      Now, about our (russian) army – maybe our uniform do not look as good as some “Hollywood/CNN/FOX” armies, but our army is effective, because we are not spoiled by “greenhouse” society of “american smile” and our boys have enough guts to fight – the abillity wich western male population lost about half a century ago ago.

      So, those clowns on photos above will look good on some gayparade together with the rest of NATO queers – the only right place for such “heroes” to be.

      • So why 18 year old boys have to be chased on the streets by army recruiters – well, they do not want to be a part of the ‘effective’ Russian army, which in reality means digging ditches, building datcha’s for their commanders and doing other meaningless things for two years. Firing a gun is hardly practised, as hard to believe as it might be.
        In Georgia the officers even had to use their private cell phones to report to the base camps because the communications infrastructure is outdated at least 20 years.

        The Russian army is up to modern warfare and needs enormous financial injections. So save the rhetorics for your next Nashi meeting.

  6. It’s just national defense league or Home Guard like its named in some countries (Denmark) – everyone who wants to be able to protect country can join. Trainings will take place on weekends once in month or two. This is fully voluntary organization, but Estonia has also national defense forces were every young man should go through for 9 or 12 month full military training. For peacekeeping missions in former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan there are also paid professional units. They are much better looking then older and younger men pictured here. But in national defense and preserving freedom must be part for everyone!

  7. This is obviously Kaitseliit or some other form of National Guard, not the Estonian Army.

    And also, no rape or looting seems to be going on, so it is safe to say that they are not Russians.

  8. С кем воевать-то собрались? Там одни комедийные актёры, а не солдаты! :)))) Один старичок на 3-й фотке чего стоит!
    Man from 3rd pic: “Yes, i`m old, but i will fight!!! Ggg!”

    • развели разговоров про поляков хуяков, вот эстонцы красавцы, сразу видно-бойцы!

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  10. Well. They ARE. And this is the whole point of it. No matter what faces they do or have, they are estonian citizens (with NO criminal record) who have legal right for guns and wish to protect their homes and country and freedom of the state. Actually this Kaitseliit is for agressors bigger “problem”, than the regular army. And sry, but for Estonia is only ONE agressor to be aware of, Finland, Sweden, Latvia will NEVER attack Estonia, even if Sweden has done it in past.

  11. Those are German 7.62 H&K G3, or more probable, sold/donated swedish license made G3 “AK4”. The Swedish national guard also have these but now modernized with Aimpoint sights on picatinny rails.

  12. If you care to watch Youtube, THIS is the Estonian Army:


    Sry about the music, most of young estonian soldiers prefer to listen metal 😉

  13. whats the purpose of this? to make them look like fools or point out that some of them arent blessed in the looks dept?. i dont get it. is this a joke about estonia or something?

    • The point of the post, obviously, was to ridicule the Estonian army.
      It is now clear it failed big-time.

      Before I learned about Estonian Home Guard, I thought it was a report from a reunion of those who once served in the same military unit, no matter how long ago.

  14. > Russia dare not invade Estonia, because that would cause a war between NATO and Russia.

    You’re making a mistake that is very popular in Europe, due to intensive decades-long propaganda. Membership in NATO means that the army of a country matches some common standards and can act as a part of group of national armies, because the integration is “seamless”. Nevertheless it does not mean that if Russia will invade Estonia then all other countries will automatically help Estonia. Instead, they will discuss the “issue” and each country will decide what to do. Not more. Being member of NATO does not mean being in bigger safety, that’s just a way of co-operation in developing and purchasing weapons.

    Russia dare not invade Estonia because Russia has no habit to attack neighbours while they’re peaceful (at least relatively peaceful).

    • your making the mistake Mikahilov…

      An attack on a NATO member does not mean we have a discussion! It means it is an attack on every member and requires an immediate military response, not a cup of tea and some discussion… tut tut

    • NATO does have a rotating air defence scheme for the Baltic states called Baltic Air Policing, where fighter jets are on standby. So there is some grade of immediate protection from NATO. But my guess is that the EU will be the first to respond to any hostile activity in the area, since their response time is quite good and little politics is involved.

      Most countries in Europe have reconsidered their security policy against Russia after the Georgian fiasco and any Russian action in Europe will be considered rude of course but not totally unexpected anymore.

      • I more than sure that Baltic Air Policing will be cancelled in case of any real danger. If NATO would like to _really_ protect its members from Russia then it could be done, easily, by joining Russia to NATO. That would make impossible any sudden attack from either side. Unfortunately, there’s no progress in that area since Turkey-Caribbean Crisis, all proposals of Russia were rejected.

    • In 1994 Russia supported an attack of one side of two rebelling fractions, much like the other attacks in the list. Also in 1999 Russia again invaded Chechnya, breaking the peace treaty. It was later on both Russia and rebels resorted to various dirty fighting.

      Abkhazia and South Ossetia are part of the state of Georgia since 1991. Issuing passports to citizens and then entering another country by military force like Russia did is not an internationally approved diplomacy. It’s like Italy would start issuing passports to Italian descent residents in Brooklyn and then declare Brooklyn a free country as soon as there is a riot. It won’t happen, it won’t get international recognition.

  15. Looks like they’re decently equipped. The G3 is a fearsome weapon by any standard. A little tough to train people to shoot it though…

  16. This is not Estonian army, but paramilitary force “Kaitseliit”.Here are some pictures of army man in Estonia.


  17. Why is it Russians are so bitter at Estonians rapid evolution since 91… Actually army heading for deployment…


    • Tarmo:
      lolwhat? Russians doesn’t even care if you exist or not. Only constant whine and stench from your side of the Baltic Sea remind them (sometimes) of your proud Estonian-Latvian-Lithuanian existence.

  18. I like your logic: Gays arepeaceful and do not invade other countris like Shakeassswilli ! ! ! ! Russians are not gays! ! ! ! ! ! conclusion: Russians are like Saakashvili and invade other countries. QED.

  19. god damn you Ruskies are a bitter bunch….
    Can’t you just be happy that Estonia is evolving since the end of Russian oppression over them?
    Good luck thinking NATO won’t protect a member country if attacked…

  20. As reiterated over and over again in this thread, this is a voluntary organization called Kaitseliit, which has equivalents in many countries. More or less anyone who wishes to participate in defending his or her country may join.

  21. So Finns started the war in 1939.Muhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Small finland was ready take all USSR.Is this what you learn in todays Russian schools?

    • “Small Japain was ready take all U.S. Is that what you learn in todays U.S. schools?” 🙂

      Go study the history of events before that war.

      • small Japan was not small, but a country with about 80 million people which in the years before 1941 occupied the biggest part of China, Korea, big parts of South East Asia. But that’s propbably too difficult to understand for little Ivan and his Soviet propaganda.

        • “In fact they sought cooperation with the other Scandinavian countries and with France and Great-Britain to counter both nazi-Germany and the USSR”

          The sentence is true, in common, except “counter Germany”. How did it happen that members of this nice cooperation, except GB, worked for Germany in WWII (and nobody was able to predict that GB will not help Germany)

          • Now you are clearly showing to what degree Russians will twist the truth. Members of this nice cooperation worked for Germany? Of the Scandinavian countries, Norway was occupied by Germany and Sweden was neutral. France and Great Britain were fighting against Germany long before the USSR was even thinking about it. France was occupied. If that means to you that they were working for the Germans, well than you can say the same about Belarussia and Ukraine, which were occupied as well. For your information, there were more Russians fighting with the Germans in the Vlasos Army, than there were French fichting as volunteers for the Germans. And nobody was able to predict that GB wouldn’t help Germany? Sorry, that is just lying and insinuating against the country which held out the longest against Germany in all of Europe.
            I’ll tell you who cooperated with Germany: the USSR, when they gave training grounds for the Reichswehr so they could practice with tanls – strictly forbidden by the Versailles Treaty, the USSR, when it invaded Poland together with Germany, the USSR, when it delivered, oil, grain, wood etc to Germany while Germany was busy fighting against Western Europe. If it were not for the Germans attacking the USSR, Stalin would have been happy standing by while Germany destroyed democratic Western Europe, and would be happy to cash the money from Germany buying necessery commodities for their war machine. That is what I call cooperation. The only one to strike a strategic deal with nazi-Germany was the USSR via the Molotov-Ribbentroppact, and not France, Norway, Seweden, Great-Britain. But of course that’s all too painful for Russians to be remembered – so they go on with spouting accusatons based on their own imagination

            • Oh yeah, Sweden was neutral 🙂 Like Spain 🙂 It also very nice that you did not wonder why GB is named as exception and Franch is not; the fact that you’ve remembered French volunteers before I reminded demonstrates that you know enough basic facts. The only problem is reasoning 😉

              • The problem with reasoning as well as ignoring facts is entirely at your side. The strategic, economical and military cooperation between Russia and nazi-Germany until june 1942 was much more valuable to Germany than any collaboration in occupied territories. More Russians were fighting in the Vlasov army than all West European volunteers combined. Well, I guess the Russians got what they deserved when Hitler attacked them. How was that saying from Lenin with the bourgeois willing to sell the rope with which he would be hung up. Apparently, this fits better to Stalin and his Russian supporters. But of course, you will, as all Russians, stay blind for the historical facts.

                • “cooperation between Russia and nazi-Germany until june 1942” sounds interesting, could you please tell me something about last year of that cooperation, from end of july 1941 to june 1942?

    • Of course that was a war. No doubt. But if you think that Russia has started it then you had to change your habits and spend less time watching TV.

      • Leaving Georgia to be peacekept by Russia is like leaving the wolf to guard the sheep. Russia wants Georgian territory back (for oil, glory or as example for other freedom seeking regions) and has been manipulating the fractions in the area to get what it wants. Just like in Chechnya.

        The speed of the invasion and independence declaration also strongly suggests everything was staged from Kreml. Are we to believe Russia have no military intelligence in the region to find out if Georgian troops are mobilizing an attack? Russia let everything happen as planned, and also contributed with false information about casualties which have never been confirmed.

        Now Russia is planning to patrol the so-called borders of Abkhazia while the rest of the world see this as Georgian territory. That is not contributing to peace, it’s war mongering. It will start another war.

  22. We may have a “Nazi past” but at least every last Estonian can read and write. What’s the percentage of literacy in Russia? 60%? Less?

    BTW, the russians are the favourite prey of an Estonian Defence League serviceman(woman). Come get some, you slavic product of a failed abortion!

      • actually russia has the highest literacy in the world, and the highest % of population with a university education, so get your facts straight before saying anything

        • Well Russia does have a pretty good literacy rate. But when you take a list of highest literacy rates in the world then you are bound to notice that both Estonia and Georgia are, well, ahead(and by ahead I mean in the top three) And no, this is no attack against the Russian education system. There’s a long list of great artists, writers and scientists that come from Russia.

  23. Take a deep breath and relax, pal. I was just trolling the way Miss India does (along with 90% other ‘writers’ here). And that was fun, you know. 😉

    So, was it pleasant to read such things about your people? No, I bet, it wasn’t. But now you can understand the feelings of Russians reading undeservingly nasty things about them and their country. I hope, it was quite useful experience for you.

  24. You’re right about Brezhnev vs Khrushchev. Meanwhile I still hope that you will find numbers in question.

    Yes that probably was a damn bad error. I really sorry that in 1968 my country behaved like U.S. But I still don’t know what would be my decision in that situation. “I’d like to be smart before an event, as smart is my wife after that.”

  25. Do I disagree that USSR started that war? Of course it did. But if you read something more accurate that a school textbook you might understand the reason of that decision better. You might find interesting facts about, e.g. mismatch between needs of small Finnish aviation and great capabicilies of Finnish ground services for aviation, about agreements between Finland, England and France, about “territorial exchange” proposed by USSR, about Mannerheim’s recommendation to accept that proposals etc. It’s a long and interesting detective story, and I bet Western school do not say anything about it, because school “history” is no more than B&W propaganda in any country, even most “democratic” one.

    P.S. “these were commies, who bombarded their own army with artillery and then sayed ,that finns attacked them” is a lie. S.U. did not invent fake reasonsto attack, it simply attacked and occupied the territory mentioned in “territorial exchange” proposal, just without compensation.

  26. Correction. Hm, there was a fake attack, four days before the war. I’ve never heard about that, even from Finnish co-workers.

  27. You know very well, and also include it in your reply, that the region have a history before and after USSR. There are tensions in the areas which are very easy to exploit if you have an agenda. Russia supported the fractions in Chechnya who wanted to stay with Russia, as well as the fractions in Georgia who wants to belong to Russia. This theme is very clear and it is not because Russia loves the Kaukasians, but because Russia loves the land, the oil and gas, and the strategic locations.

    However what I oppose is the means, not the ends. Still only Russia and Venezuela supports Abkhazia and S-Ossetia as states and this is because of what went down and not because of ethnic rights. And Venezuela is a close friend of Russia.

    Russia is still claiming seven times more civilian lives lost in S-O than Georgia is but can’t show evidence for this to international observers. I don’t know if you are suggesting everyone in Russia knows an S-Ossetian or if everyone knows a killed soldier in the region but with Russia’s large population I doubt it. And military casualties were low on Russian troops.

    I know there was a UN resolution (but UN are constipated bureaucrats). Some unbiased UN force should’ve been there. In the end Russia will have to learn to cooperate with other countries, including UN. This whole war was just as immature as USA’s (yes, except the brits we europeans don’t think USA is as cool as you believe we think).

    • Yes, ER should replace the software. The longer post you write the less chances you have to see it placed property.

      I can’t suggest that everyone in whole Russia knows somebody from Ossetia, but army traditionally sends all contractors from Novosibirsk to three places: border with Afganistan (204-th army), Caucasian border and peacekeepers (numerous places, including 56-th army), and local facilities near Novosibirsk itself. (Different places implies different risk, so people may choose desired salary level 🙂

      Same is about police that regularly rotates groups between Chechnya and major cities like Yekarinburg and Novosibirsk.

  28. Your comments are funny:
    The Estonian reaction on attack on Zurich? Nothing, because Switzerland isn’t even a member of Nato. The only one who would panic is Putin because his Swiss bank account would be in danger.

    Chruschev’s reaction? He was alreay “retired” back then, In 1968 the USSR was run by Brezhnev. Says a lot about your knowledge of the history of your own country if you don’t even know that.

    Yes, the Russians were the bad guys in Afghanistan, because during their occupation, over a million people died, and they left the country when it was completetly ruined. And yes, that attack was nothing more than imperialsit agression, how much you would like to spin it.

    Chechnya is as much about Russia and another country as South Ossetia and Abkhazia is about Georgia and another country. But of course RUssia is famous for hypocrisy and using double standards. Besides, how many tens of thousands died in Chechnya, how many people had to run away? Nice way to deal with your fellow citicens I must say.

    Georgia: Russia was as much preparing for war as Georgia was. How otherwise would you exlain amphibious landings ain Georgia a few days after the war broke out. It takes months to plan such a things. And why was it necessary to attack Georgia via Abkhazia? Abkhazia wasn’t even attacked – so that was agression pure and simple. By the way, how many people died under Georgian fire? Alexander Bastrykin, head of the Prosecutor General’s Investigative Committe keeps it at 134, slightly different than the 2.000 victims claimed as justification for Russia’s attack, I would say.

  29. So you are saying that it was okay to start a war with Finland, because they didn`t give to soviets, what they wanted? Baltic States gave up and signed the army base pacts.When army bases were in those country`s ,soon the soviets took over these states. So do you call this also willingly joining the USSR?

    • > So you are saying that it was okay to start a war with Finland, because they didn`t give to soviets, what they wanted?

      If you like this formula then yes. Stalin obviously did want something other than a suspicious military cooperation near St.Petersbugs.

      Try to guess, why USSR did not occupy Mongolia? It was quite easy to capture them and get wool etc. for no charge instead of paying the whole price during whole war. Why Mongolia become an exception? Maybe the answer is quite simple — Mongolia was not a member of any “defence” alliance, and that was the best way of staying independent?

      • Finland wasn’t member of a defense alliance (and Georgia either, by the way). No not entirely correct: Finland had a non-agression pact signed in 1932 with Russia, and look how far they got. The USSR didn’t have to invade Mongolia, because that country was already under their control. No need to send troops to a country which is already your ally – although Russians demonstrated in 1953, 1956, 1968 and 1979 that they don’t quite understand that.
        But I take notice that you approve of Stalins agression on Finland with ho good reason. It puts all your other ramblings in a different perspective, doesn’t it?

        • As far as I understand, we use two different definition of “good reason”. The reason was as good (or as bad) as, say, reason for NATO to bomb Yugoslavia. “Someting bad may happen there, near our border. Instead of guessing what could it be, borders can be rounded up.” It’s not “good”, there is no such word in politics, it is practical.
          That war was at least “accurate” — armies did not tried to kill as many civilians as possible.

  30. Haaahaaahaaa 🙂

    Excellent material. I bet this is real.

    Pidage õige lõuad, kaasvõitlejad.

    Las teised arvavad, et meil on klounide armee. Seda parem. Pole tarvis oma m**** kõvaks ajada ja suures enesenäitamise himus kahurit tagatoast välja lohistada või mobilisatsiooniskeeme avalikult demoda. Sõnakõlks “teadmised on jõud” on kahe teraga mõõk.

  31. Lol what a joke of an army. Estonian military = Paper tiger.

    A Russian army brigade could steamroll through the combined amred forces of Estonia in a day.

    No country in Europe has a better military then Russia.

  32. “Nothing, because Switzerland isn’t even a member of Nato”

    Of course. Don’t be so serious 🙂 For that example I just needed some country that may not worry about any fleet 🙂 Let’s imagine that Switzerland is in NATO before Central African Republic got a fleet 🙂

    Re. Afghanistan, I more than agree with you. Much more than a million died during that war. You know, people tend to die in huge quantities, easy to count keeping in mind duration of the war, population and avg. age of St.Peter’s visitors from the country.

    “Besides, how many tens of thousands died in Chechnya, how many people had to run away?”

    It’s easier to count in hundreds of thousands. Before USSR crash, the population of Chechnya consisted of ~1 mln of etnic Chechens plus ~1 mln of Slavic and other Caucasian nationalities. Before first war, the population of Chechnya consisted of ~1 mln of etnic Chechens plus ~0.3 mln of Slavic and other Caucasian nationalities, but only ~0.3 mln people escaped to Russia and ~0.1 mln escaped to other countries of Caucasis. Now the actual population of Chechnya is ~1 mln, almost only etnic Chechens.

    “how many people died under Georgian fire?”

    Last proven fully confirmed and documented digits from Osetia are: 134 killed civilian and 71 peacekeepers (plus army lost 59 duringthe war). Some about 1350 civilian are still reported as not found, or found but not identified.

    Georgia reports 69 killed civilians, plus 133 in army plus 13 in police. In addition, army reports 70 not found and 7 are not recognized.

    Other countries report nothing.

    “How otherwise would you exlain amphibious landings ain Georgia a few days after the war broke out. It takes months to plan such a things.”

    Of course it take months to plan, that’s why any army continuously prepares and updates plans for all events and circumstances one could imagine. That’s ABC.

    “And why was it necessary to attack Georgia via Abkhazia?”

    Because it was damn convenient. Let Georgian soldiers say many thanks to prof. Medvedev that they were accurately demilitarized and left in Georgia; Putin would probably give an order to kill them to the maximum possible extent and to sent survivors to Siberia for 10 years like it was with nazi 🙂

  33. Why is it always about Estonians?:D Seriously, go take a smoke or buy a chocolate bar.

    Putin-Medvedjev will run Russia into humanitarian catastrophe. Vote for Kasparov!

    About the pictures, war is not a beauty contest.

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  36. How strange that they chose the exact copy of an SS helmet… or is it?



    • I hope you are right khalid. We, as citizens, also have a part to play in preserving peace.

      First and foremost, we must resist our government’s fear-mongering and propaganda campaigns against eachother – manipulation of public opinion is the first step towards a military action. Secondly, we must always be visual and be willing to expose lies as soon as they surface. Lastly, we mustn’t be afraid to be vocal in our opposition towards aggressive or provocative steps taken by our governments that could jeopardize the word peace (the madness of the US Missile Shield being our primarily concern today).


  37. Edasi kentuki lõvid… tahaks näha kui mingi russa siia koperdab… oih, tegelt on nad juba siin… pooled Eesti elanikest on ju venelased… raisk…

    Paari aasta pärast on ajalehes pealkirjad :,,Eesti-Hiina piiril intsident”

  38. Probaly reservists. And by the way… the looks doesnt equal fighting ability/skills. Like you could’nt get weird pictures of solders from any pther armys…

  39. For the people, who cant read upper, that this is not armym but civilian organisation with miniltary orientation. Like others in the world: Zemessardze (Latvia)
    KASP (Lithuania)
    HJEMMEVÆRNET (Danmark)
    Hemvärnet (Sweden)
    Heimevernet (Norway)
    Maryland National Guard (USA)
    Territorial Army (UK)
    They have small training and they have weapons. As any armed group, they can kill rapers during the war, but this isnt the one and only purpose. At least they dont need NKVD with guns behind their back, as glorious Red Army did:P

  40. It’s not the Army, it’s the Voluntary Defence League (see the armband “KL” = Kaitseliit, Defence League in estonian) and those are the men gathering for the parade for their own free will. And that camo is the latest so-called digital camo and is also used around the world by modern and advanced military. And why the estonian army is involved to this web page called “english russia”?

  41. These men are brave and risking their lives for the good of their country. This forum should not be used to poke fun and them and their conditions but to herald them and pay them tribute to a worthy cause.

  42. http://www.upload.ee/image/3227/Finland.jpg

    Its usual for us, estonians and finns. everyone has rights here to give contribution to our united protection. And we mean business.

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  44. This is not a military , its kaitseliit, everybody who wants can join it.. but about the weapons, they use same as estonian real army, Galil and ak4

  45. A military attack on Estonia (or any other NATO member) could not be compared to a Russian attack on Georgia. It would simply be something for the Russians to deeply regret. It would mean immediate and full-scale war with NATO, at least but possibly beyond the departure/extermination of Russian troops on Estonian soil.

    It’s difficult to appreciate how long it would take NATO to force Russia out of Estonia, but of course it would be a matter of time, be it a few days or a couple of weeks. The aftermath would be severe and would mean the end for the Russian minority presence in Estonia and the Baltic states.

    Exact development of the war and possible further developments are open for discussion. The use of nuclear warheads cannot be excluded but are less likely, since it would equal self-destruction.

    In either case Russia would end up defeated and severely humiliated. Destructive behavior from Russia towards civilian targets would lash back leaving no part of Russia outside the warzone. More destructive Russian behaviour would also raise the NATO demands in exchange for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, possibly including the inforcement of NATO troops in a wide buffert-zone on Russian soil, and the demands for handing over Russian leaders of war (possibly including top leadership) for prosecution in NATO war tribunals. The baltic states would then be fortified by NATO troops for a very long time.

  46. I once saw a film about russian military. There were some kind of practises where little boys age up 9 to 14 had rifles. They practiced military exercises. Its like Hitler did with Jugends. When comes war the youngest and oldest go.

  47. Ofcourse this is meant as a bit of humour.. No one should be offended.

    But you have to admit, that’s quite a rugged bunch =D

    Heres some finnish heroes: :>

  48. Defence League (Kaitseliit)

    The Defence League is a voluntary military national defence organisation, which acts in the area of government of the Ministry of Defence. The Defence League possesses arms and engages in military exercises. The main goal of the Defence League is, on the basis of the citizens’ free will and initiative, to enhance the readiness of the nation to defend its independence and its constitutional order, including in the event of military threat.

    The organisation is divided into 15 Defence League regional units whose areas of responsibility mostly coincide with the borders of Estonia’s counties. Today, the Defence League has over 12,000 members. The affi liated organisations of the Defence League combine more than 19,000 volunteers, in all, and include the Estonian Defence League’s women’s corps Naiskodukaitse, the Estonian Defence League’s boys’ corps Noored Kotkad, and the Estonian Defence League’s girls’ corps Kodutütred.

    The Defence League plays an important role in supporting the civil structures. Its members aid in putting out wildfires, volunteer as assistant police members, and ensure safety at various events. Units, consisting of voluntary members of the Defence League, also participate in international peace support operations such as in the Balkan states. The Defence League and its affiliated organisations have positive relations with partner organisations in the Nordic countries, the United States

    and the United Kingdom.

    The Defence League’s women’s corps also co-operates with other organisations and associations, including the Police Board, the Rescue Board, the Erna Society, the Society for Civil Protection and local governments.

    The Defence League’s girls’ corps was established to increase patriotic feelings and readiness to defend the independence of Estonia among young girls; to enhance the love for home and fatherland; to encourage respect for the Estonian language and ways of thinking; to be honest, enterprising, responsible, and capable of decision-making; to respect nature; and to respect one’s parents and others.

    The Defence League’s boys’ corps comprises approximately 3,500 young men from all over Estonia. The objective of the organisation is to raise these young people as good citizens with healthy bodies and minds. In addition to numerous interesting activities, such as parachute jumping, flying gliders, orienteering, shooting weapons, etc., the boys’ corps also participates in numerous events, the most popular but also the most difficult being the Mini-Erna 35 km reconnaissance


    History of the Defence League

    Landmark dates

    1917 – The Defence League was preceded by the Citizens’ Defence Organisation (Bürgenwehr) which was Estonia’s first armed home defence organisation against the dissolution of the public order and disorder accompanying the Russian Revolution.
    1918 – On 11 November the Citizens’ Defence Organisation was replaced by the Estonian Defence League which performed the tasks of a national guard in the War of Independence.
    1924 – The attempted Communist coup on December 1 dispelled any doubts about the necessity for the Defence League. Development of the Defence League for the performance of tasks of national defence was started.
    1925 – In October the magazine of the Defence League “Kaitse Kodu” (“Defend Your Home”) was founded.
    1926 – On 19-20 June the first Defence League Festival took place in Tallinn, to be followed by six more such events held before 1940.
    1927 – To develop the Defence League and give it a family dimension, the Commander of the Defence League approved the temporary statutes of the Women’s Home Defence.
    1928 – The Body of Elders decided to invite the boy scout organisation the Young Eagles to join the Defence League.
    1931 – The Government of the Republic approved the Statutes of the Defence League which have remained in force until the present day.
    1932 – The girl scout organisation Home Daughters was established at the Women’s Home Defence.
    1934 – House Rules of the Defence League were adopted to regulate the life and work of the organisation.
    1940 – With the Soviet occupation starting from 17 June, the liquidation of both the Republic of Estonia and the Defence League started.
    1990 – The Defence League was re-founded on 17 February at Järvakandi on popular initiative in order to defend Estonia’s independent statehood.
    1991 – On 4 September the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia reinstated the rights of the Defence League as a legal person.
    1992 – On 28 April the Defence League was included in the Defence Forces as a national defence organisation.
    1999 – On 8 February the Parliament adopted the Defence League Act stipulating the position of the Defence League in the society and national defence, the main tasks and structure of the organisation, the legal bases of its activities and administration and co-operation with other persons.

  49. This guys is home guard not regular army. They used light arms (rifle ak4, antitank cannons, mines etc).

    This organization name is Kaitseliit. Kaitseliit have every country 15 battalions and 20 000 members.

  50. The Estonian Defence League (Estonian: Kaitseliit) is the name of the unified paramilitary armed forces of the Republic of Estonia. The Defence League is a paramilitary defence organization which aim is to guarantee the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the state, the integrity of its land area and its constitutional order.
    The Defence League possesses arms and engages in military exercises, fulfilling the tasks given to it by the law. The organization is divided into 15 Defence League regional units, called malevs, whose areas of responsibility mostly coincide with the borders of Estonian counties. The Defence League is a voluntary military national defence organisation, which acts in the area of government of the Ministry of Defence. The Defence League possesses arms and engages in military exercises. The main goal of the Defence League is, on the basis of the citizens’ free will and initiative, to enhance the readiness of the nation to defend its independence and its constitutional order, including in the event of military threat.

    The Defence League plays an important role in supporting the civil structures. Its members aid in putting out wildfires, volunteer as assistant police members, and ensure safety at various events. Units, consisting of voluntary members of the Defence League, also participate in international peace support operations such as in the Balkan states. The Defence League and its affiliated organisations have positive relations with partner organisations in the Nordic countries, the United States and the United Kingdom. Standard uniforms of the Estonian Defence Forces are issued to Defence League personnel. On some festive occasions (such as parades), white armbands with the insignia of the given territorial unit are worn.

    Armbands have also previously been worn on civilian clothing to distinguish members of the Defence League from civilians during periods when Defence League units did not have sufficient inventories to supply every member with a uniform (during World War I, in the beginning of the 1990s).The basic infantry weapon of the Defence League is the 5.56mm IMI Galil family, with a majority of soldiers being equipped with the IMI Galil, HK MP5 or the 7.62mm G3 rifle. Modified U.S. M14 rifles are used by sharpshooters. There has been talk about phasing out the Galil rifle.

    Suppressive fire is provided by the Ksp 58 and MG3 machine guns at the section, troop and company levels. In addition, indirect fire is provided by the 40mm M-69 antitank weapons, and 82mm B-300 grenade launchers as well as B455 81 mm mortar in battalions.

    Some battlegroups also include an anti-tank gun units equipped with the 84mm Carl Gustav recoilless rifles and 90mm Pvpj 1110 anti-tank guns. The Defence League utilizes a variety of tactical transport vehicles and a small number armoured personnel carriers, including BTR-60, BTR-152, many old Swedish armoured cars and one patrolship “Ristna”.

  51. Russia is the looser and clown of all world! It has lost ALL wars – they got raped by Mongols, ass kicked by Afghans. They also lost WW2 – look life in Germany and Russia, then you underestand who lost.

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