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  1. ROFL!
    This reminds me the old Monty Python sketch about a Hungarian visiting English tobacconist 😀

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  3. I survived using this phrasebook for three weeks in Russia. It was particularly helpful outside of Moscow/St. Petersburg, where almost no one spoke english.

    Good for a few laughs.

    And yes, the lines for pick ups actually do work.

  4. I have several of those Lonely Planet guides — for different languages. I can’t seem to find the Russian one just now, though. You can buy them on line. I may have learned about them by seeing one in a Barnes and Noble bookstore.

    When you read these things, you should trust but verify.

  5. Теперь иностранцы подумают, что Россия страна сполшной проституции и неманерных мужчин пьянцев. Но это не все наши проблемы, ЛОЛ. Я шучу, но эти фразы не дают правильные мнения иностранцам. Россия страна повежливее немножко.

    • I don’t think, that foreigners think of Russia as a country of protistution in the first place (if I understood your sentence correctly, я ещё изучаю русский язык). Here in Germany most people think of Russia as the Gazprom country 😀
      I was quite surprised to learn that in East Germany more and more people want the Soviet Union back!
      God, Russia really grew on me since I started learning the language and this page really contributed to this feeling! Though I’ve never been to Russia, gotta go there sometime really soon.
      Enough sentimental stuff for now, but really funny tourist guide!

      • You’re absolutely right, Johnny!

        I wish i could also go there sometime. I’m also learning Russian and it’s kind of hard to get good learning material where i live. Though i’ve never been there, can feel the greatness and rich history of that great nation.

  6. This is really funny, Russia is quite strange country and unfortunatelly very danger but this is not normal citizen fault The fact is that most of Russian you are deriding are much clever and well educated then you will ever be.
    Try to survive with all family for 10% of your monthly salary.

  7. Oh, please! No wonder! For those who feel so affected by the phrasebook, I have many of this collection (China, Japan, Italy, UK and Spain) and they are all exactly the same, with the same sections! It’s not all about you. Every single Lonely Planet phrasebook has pick up lines section etc.

  8. I have this book. bought it at a book store only russian learning material i could find. It is funny but a lot of what it has to offer is useful. Been in Russia for 3 weeks.

  9. Its Lonley Planet Phrasebook
    same phrases translated to differnt languages. and I must say that it is one of the best phrasebooks, that really includes everything…
    tho still i dunno why they have ‘will u marry me’ there


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