22 thoughts on “Life is Good”

  1. Tires and lights are presumibly good. Why they are wasting them instead of reselling? There must be something different from what was showed in the pictures.

  2. In what sense does increased number of automobiles make life better? Automobiles are one of the worst nuisances of modern living.

  3. Probably insurance trouble. At least some kind of “paper trouble”. If the car is “condemned” you cant even sell parts from it. Its amazing. I worked part time at a scarp yard that a friend of mine owns. One day this beautiful audi came in. Great shape. One small dent in a fender. Much better then the one i had. But no way in hell. Its really strickt. Couldnt touch it other than drain fluids and compact it. But its a waste. Its still a good car even if some papers are bad. Rules are rules

  4. What’s the point of doing this, I couldn’t figure out… Both cars look OK. They must have a logical reason for doing this but sure, that reason is not taking photos 🙂

    • The cars probably has some hidden damages and Mazda won’t allow the possibility that the cars or parts from the cars will be involved in a future accident and they will get sued.

  5. Norway, oh, You’re such a naive guy 🙂 Russians working by rules 🙂
    But situation is weird. Even if these cars aren’t new and not in technical condition, anyway ther are lots of stuff to unmount and sell as spare parts and to earn a pretty good money.
    Very often to sell a used car in spare parts is way much mor profitable than to sell it as a whole.

    • How can I get 20,000 dollars ?? Don’t care about the SUV, don’t need to impress anybody anymore. After all, I’m Russian. Impressive enough.

  6. ne nu eto konechno legko skazatj, mol,- “chevo oni ohueli” no dumaiu chto prichina vse-taki estj.

    a mozhet eto voshje fotoshop ebaniyi

  7. they were inside a boat that sank I don’t know where, and mazda decided to destroy them instead of selling the cars, so they would not have reliability problems which could harm the brands image

  8. Even in America they’d resell those things.
    Someone must have gotten 2 and hated them both. A lot.

    Or perhaps it’s the mafia and there’s a surprise in the trunk of each car.

  9. I estimate that’s an official move by federal police to treat illegitimate imports of cars, those Mazdas may be confiscated from smugglers, crushing it and showing it to intent smugglers.Is that right? the Reporter? I saw it happened in Phillipine.

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