42 thoughts on “Russian Cartoon Heroes Go Hollywood”

  1. The references to American blockbusters are clear to anybody subjected to Hollywood taste-makers.
    What is absolutely unclear to anybody outside Russia are the Russian cartoon characters.
    Where are “Nu pogodi” cartoons? Where is The Rabbit and The Wolf, the only Russians Czechs ever liked (from the cartoons directed by Vyacheslav Kotenochkin, creative director Sergei Rusakov)?

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  3. After about 10 cartoons, I just gave up. And no, Russia is not about just copying America (or western europe). Plenty of native artistic inspiration to go around in “the former…”.

  4. Green “matrix” text on two of these pics is plain Russian. That’s much more readable than it is in the original movie 🙂

    • It’s a reference to a Russian movie “Mesto vstrechi izmenitj nelzya” about fighting booming crime in Moscow right after WW2. So some people still wearing uniforms – for different reasons. Young investigator is too poor to buy other clothes. The criminal wants to look respectable and trustworth in Soviet officers uniform.

  5. Does anyone know where does the cat in the 9th picture (as Jack Sparrow) come from originally? I’ve seen it before somewhere but can’t remember.

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  8. I’m afraid, viewers from the West there is much to be unclear. Recognized movies, but not recognized heroes, the salt is gone.

    In this collection could build a story about the cult Soviet cartoons (and movies, and tales for childrens too).

    For completeness and understanding, would be worth it to put a few frames from the original cartoons.

    It is a pity that there are no paintings of Akuaku, who likes to work with Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena.

    • Yes, that would be helpful. Some of them were funny anyway (like the T2 chase with the bees in a “truck” formation). But, to the visitor who comes to view what’s there and not to attack it, there are all these inside references. In some of the cultures in the U.S.A. we say: “I guess you had to BE there,” but we were not.

      My sincere thanks to the person or persons who posted these, anyway. Best regards.

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  10. Pretty nice. But why does the artist bother with Vinipuh, they are not even genuine Russian characters. Especially when there are hundreds of other truely russian characters..

    Privet iz Litvy

  11. The ones I got (send-ups of Terminator, Predator and Star Wars movies) were fall-down-funny.

    One Christmas before I was reading (so it would be 1956 or earlier) we received an illustrated The World of Pooh by Milne. The little cartoon pig with rabbit ears on this page is *not* Piglet, and the bear is *not* Winnie-the-Pooh. Can we give that bit a rest? I remember the illustrations in that book. To call the bear and the pig in these toons ripoffs is about like saying since a Russian car has steel wheels and rubber tires it “must” be a ripoff of a Ford. Best regards.


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