Cucumber Pickers of Belarus

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What do those people do? They implement new technology in agriculture. It consists of one tractor riding by the road in the middle of the cucumber field and carrying up to ten people by both sides of the thing that its towing. People lay on it and pick up cucumbers on the go then putting them on the moving transporter which collects cucumbers to the central storage.

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  1. Funny, here in Germany we have the same things, but it’s the Polish, who pick the cucumbers/asparagus/whatever. They get paid very badly, however.

    • oh, how funny German, and how advanced German technology have you commended !
      But you should mention that it’s past – now, German employer must collect employees from contries with lower salaries, because the unemployed Poles prefer earning higher salary in UK than in Germany.

      Maybe you should mention why East part of Europe has been under communism for half century ? Who belonged to two “allies” which started divide Europe in Spetember 1939 ?

      • Who belonged to two “allies” which started divide Europe in Spetember 1939?

        Will it be 2039 and you still talking about war and communist occupation? Try to live in present for a moment, not in the past.

        • its not so easy when we see buildings witch were damaged in WWII and not repaired yet.
          much of our national income was transferd to russia during past 50 years and much of our factorys powers were producing for army.
          now we have not modern factorys, our power lines and power plants are old.
          we have the most expencive electricity in europe becouse we have not modern power plants. but we earn only1/4 of europe average

          • although i generally agree with you, i have to contradict because after having lived only one year in malopolskie i witnessed turbocapitalism in its most extreme way. unnecessary to mention that the poor stay poor and the rich become even richer, but hey, its capitalism. i’m from austria and know that “cucu-bomber” as we call them too, here it are people from hungary, former yugoslavia and of course students who do the cucumber picking. tc florek.

          • oh, poor Polyaks, but were those not Polyaks who initially had Prussia(germans) as its colony back in middle ages? Were those not Polyaks who invaded Russia in 1495, then grabbed Pskov from Russia in 1505, then occupied Moscow for 3 years in 1609-1612 in attempt to put on Russian throne your prince Vladislav? Were those not Poles then sided with Sweden to give them platzadrm to invade Russia from Polands territory from the South-West in 1709?- poor,poor Polyaks (ha-ha-ha!) – when they feel strong, those Poles, they are always ready to rape and loot and massacre their neighbours, but when their ass is kicked they allways whining and playing victim card…Russians occupied you in 1939? But were those not you,Poles, who togeather with Hitler invaded and partitioned Czechoslovakia and grabbed region of Zaolzie from Czechs just one year before in 1938?- Churchill called Poland the hyena of Europe for that – Stalin did for you exactly the same what you did in 1938 for Czechoslovakia – so look at yourselve before accusing your neighbours and playing victim card here…

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    • > It`s very practical stuff.

      I think so. If I had a farm with cucumbers agricultur I should have any ‘machine’ to pick up the cucumbers.

      Maybe anybody give a link to other ‘cucumber machine’ with more advanced technology of picking up ?

  3. Aw – this is certainly something I would never want to do for my living. I imagine it must be very painful and stressing for the neck muscles. On the other hand, it must be less strenuous than simple hand-picking, otherwise nobody would bother inventing such strange contraption…

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  6. These peoples is being punished. They present the backsides upward for the enjoyment of the peoples coming to the field in suits (photos numbering 13 and 12). The picking of cucumbers is added bonus.

    I was similarly punished in this manner. Ouch!

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  8. Where are the whips? You will never get proper efficiency and economy of scale if you do not whip the workers now and then. In my office in the US, I whip the marketing and sales staff regularly. Last month we were up 22%!

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  10. I worked on this thing for two weeks 15 years ago in Hungary.
    It’s not bad for your neck.
    The worst thing about it that it slews like a boat in the storm. It was like seasickness. I felt the same in my bed after work!
    And I hated the mixed smell of cucumber and… I don’t know, sweat? I like to eat cucumber anyway!

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  13. I used to work on a farm with a similar machine in south africa. I was often harrassed by my white boss who would take advantage of my unprotected position and try to insert inumerous vegetables like carrots, cucubers, etc up my poophole

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  19. English Russia is the name of your website then stick to posting thing about Russia.Dont try to shove Ukraine,Belarus and Russia under the same flag.


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