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  1. Good interesting video.

    But notice how it is above the water and isn’t moving anywhere? It’s a waterspout, sort of like a tornado except less manly.

    See, tornadoes are stronger and faster, waterspouts usually stay in the same place. Occasionally they can move onto land and mature into a true tornado, then you’ll be in real trouble.

    What’s interesting to me about this video is that this waterspout has formed in a cold area like Siberia. That isn’t very common at all.

  2. Siberia has a continental climate. When I bicycled across Russia last year, we had multiple days of with temperatures over 30C. So if there can be tornadoes in the Canadian prairies, it doesn’t surprise me much to also have tornadoes in Siberia.

  3. man, tornados are typical in lots of inland areas, so siberia is no exception. Even in Spain I’ve seen tornados, and the iberian peninsula is not as continental as siberia, of course.

    Hurricanes and tropical storms are different stuff

  4. Tornados can happen in any place in the world at any time. It’s the one weather phenomenon that occurs over all land masses and waters.

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  7. Siberia is so large that these could have been happening all over non populated places in Siberia for the past 3000 years and no one would have noticed.

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  11. Yeah, i must agree with the previous replys. This isn’t a tornado, it’s a waterspout. Those happen in a lot of countries and it’s not nearly as destructive as a tornado…

  12. So happy to enjoy such a entertaining article that does not fall back on cheap rhetoric to get the idea covered. Thank you for an entertaining read.

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  14. “Tornado? Well, it’s OK on Cuba, Haiti, in Florida, Louisiana or even Texas”
    – Considering Texas is the most likely of these places to have tornadoes, the order hints at the lack of insight of the author.. On the other hand, the first mentioned places, Cuba and Haiti may have hurricanes often, but tornadoes while possible, are no more common there than in Siberia.


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