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  1. Beautiful, just incredible. So so shiny and new, irreplacable, irresplenishable.No words for the cleanlyness and concentratedness on this whole area. It’s the beauty of old architecture, that’s so much more REAL than today’s creations.

    Thank you for sharing this lost wonder.

      • why is it lost, i was born and raised in sevastopol. almost all of the stuff u see in the pics are still there. 🙂 but now it looks even better now that they cleand up the city and painted, fixed, replaced evrything, that needed to be… well the city recently turnd 225, a few monts ago.

    • Bad business model, I’d say. Consider Georgia. U.S. sells a bit (and gifts much more) to Saakashvili. The customer decides that “Russia is a good candidate for provocation”. Bad, bad, bad. A gang with new equipment is still gang, not an army, so they have an illusion of power but not more. They can kill civilians, no doubt, but they escaped from some small part of 57’th army, so now the customer is bankrupt. So U.S. neocons have small profit and huge negative PR for the equipment sold.

      Russia is a bad candidate for provocation. This time it was only part of 57th army, and they did not use modern weapons at all, just to keep them secret. What if whole 57th army visit a customer? What if armies numbered from 1 to 56 and from 58 up will react on provocation as well? I’m not sure that customer will be happy.

  2. Sevastopol looks like a ghost town on these pictures.
    Where are the people?
    The architecture is not exactly interesting – 19th century and Stalinist kitsch.

  3. what about current pics of sivastopol? it is governed by ottomans for a long time. are there any ruins from ottomans? that would be interesting. thank you

  4. Yuschenko is the man. I am Ukrainian and I support him. Just because he does not lick russia’s butt does not mean he is “giving his ass to US government.”

  5. aww, russian occupation. better than nazi occupation

    doesn’t matter anyway, you polacks have a tribal hatred of russia ever since you ganged up with lithuania to try and take moscow in the 15th century. learn some history.

      • yeah before they completely cleansed the gene pool right? World history didn’t start at the Enlightenment man. In fact the Rousseau’s of the world are an abnormality. See: Serbian conflict, ethnic cleansing in Iraq, Somalia, Darfur, the list goes on and on.

        The world is tribal unfortunately. That’s why there’s still tribal hatred within the EU itself. When’s the last time you heard of the ‘Polish plumber’? It would have to be a large existentialist threat to band together disparate ethnic groups (i.e. World War II, Moors’ conquest, etc)

  6. Russia has just occupied the part of georgia before, that doesn’t make it russian territorium, it is just a territorium that Russia has annexed in the past. They are trying to do it again, i hope they have no luck.
    All those russians there came with trains after annexation.
    Native citizens have been killed, no wonder there are 70% of russians there…
    Ethnical cleansing, nothing else. I hope you are happy for organizing it again, Russian Government.

  7. Блин! Скажу по-русски, кто сможет – переведите, пожалуйста.
    Приедьте сейчас в город и посмотрите, что демократия творит: срач кругом (хотя последнее время стали убирать, но срут где ни попадя), исторические места выглядят бледными тенями прошлого (если не разгромлены), памятники архитектуры загажены рекламой и магазинами, пьяная молодежь резвится вовсю и чихать они хотели на других и т.п.
    Это демократические ценности, мать их за ногу.
    Глядя на эти фотографии отдохнул душой.
    P.S. Я не ворчливый старик, мне всего 33, но я в печали.

  8. I was in Sebastopol last year. Now all looks more faceless:
    all monuments hidden by ads, steets full of garbage, all saled, include such things, with can`t be saled… It happened without folks opinion, Present goverment of Unkraine sold all before they will run away…
    Sad… Today You just can see beautiful of old city… from ancient ages to XX century…
    I still remember beaches of Black Sea in my childhood… Now all coastline became private or fully charged… or become garbage…
    Not all is so sad… People still friendly and kind…
    I never saw any antagonism… There are russians and ukraine`s nation live in peace… But fu*king goverments of both countries (Russia and Ukraine) want to litter them.

    I`m russian-ukraine man


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