Russian Woodcutters Celebrate

Russian Woodcutters Celebrate

Thirty eight years ago, in 1970 there was a hundred year anniversary of Vladimir Lenin, the guy who inspired Russian people to overthrow the previous Tsar government in Russia in 1917. He was a real icon for many Russians and so in one Siberian town some woodcutters decided to celebrate this anniversary by cutting all the trees on a big field leaving only those that would form a really huge message “100 Years to Lenin”. There were no Google Earth back there, no satellite photos on Internet, no Internet itself, so they didn’t do it for some Internet trick, like “See what we have down pointing your sat pictures browser to …..”. The real reasons are not clear and forgotten now, maybe they got an order from Moscow to make such a big message for American spy satellites, maybe it was their own wish to create something that cannot be observed from the Earth by a regular person. Anyways now, 30 years later we can see it. You can see it from Google yourself following this link.

Russian Woodcutters Celebrate

You can see it on google earth yourself.

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  1. There is a forest in former Sudetenland (part of Czech Republic with mainly German population before WWII) planted by locals during thirties/forties. The forest is fir/pine with some larches used to form the letters, which are clearly seen from the opposite hill every fall, when the larches become yellow on the green background.
    The word is… “HITLER” 😀

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  5. I think he already was dead on his 100th anniversary 😉 At least the people who visited his corpse and the leaders who stood on the roof of his grave watching missile parades thought so.

  6. It’s funny that nobody has added “PHOTOSHOP” as a comment here, because that’s what I thought from this picture. Hey– I don’t deny that it could be done, it’s easy enough to cut down those trees in that pattern, but something about the shoreline looks odd.

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  10. Hmmm… Strictly, this is in the Urals region, not in Siberia. But realy not so far from Siberia. So this is not a serious mistake.

  11. 1000000 trees were planted nearly 40 years ago at the Russian border with Kazahstan (region de Kurgan) by the chef forestry officer, Kanshikov Alexander Grigorievich, who is 72 today. Great job ! :o)
    You can see him and his forest in the following video


    By the way the name of a village nearby is “Labour and Knowledge” (“Trud i Znanie”) :o)

  12. Dear Site Administrator,

    I appreciate your efforts in maintaining and updating the site, but I think it is still important to state true facts instead of posting something like “…and so in one Siberian town some woodcutters decided to celebrate this anniversary”. Actually, this masterpiece was designed some 40 years ago by a dedicated forest-guard Alexander Kanschikov in Kurgan Olbast, not far from Kazakh border. Details can also be found here, unfortunately only in Russian

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