Russian sausage art 1

42 Russian Sausage Art

Russian Sausage Art

The sausage art is now popular in Russia. They have made some major masterpieces
out of sausages and wurst and put on display so that anyone can eat them.
fail of concrete mix 1

19 Concrete Mixer Fail

Concrete Mixer Fail

This concrete mixer
vehicle failed!
Social ad 1

24 Euro Social Ad

Euro Social Ad

Those are not EURO bills, though they look almost like them. Those are prints of new social ad from Ukraine. If you look carefully on those bills you can see small depictions of young ladies standing near the buildings. There is a big problem of young women moving from Ukraine to Europe
for better life but working as prostitutes there. These ladies on the pictures symbolize those girls, and there are also small the words like "This is how much you can get leaving abroad illegally" pointing to the nominal cost of the 5,10 or 50 EURO bills.
Russian wooden architecture 1

77 Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows

Photos of the old Siberian houses and
especially the wood carved windows.
Moscow zoo back at 1920 1

37 Moscow Zoo at 1920

Moscow Zoo at 1920

Shots from Moscow Zoo - the largest
Soviet and Russian zoo - back from 1920.
BMW and VW dealers in Latvia 1

25 Dealership Attack

Dealership Attack

In Latvia the competition between VW
and BMW gets so rough so rough.
parking in russia, ukraine 1

30 Another Cool Parking

Another Cool Parking

Sometimes ladies don't mind parking right on the tram rails, why should they,
really? In this case a few passers by could solve this problem easily.
clocks in spare tire 1

16 Spare Tire Mod

Spare Tire Mod

One Russian guy from St. Petersburg offers to anyone a modded spare tire for Russian off-road utility cars
UAZ. Look down to see what is this mod, the idea might be picked up by Western modders too.
Russian satellite artefacts on google maps 1

27 Even More Giant Soviet Signs

Even More Giant Soviet Signs

After this first initial "100 Years Lenin's Anniversary" sign was discovered via google maps (on the photo above), made 40 years
ago a whole bunch of similar sightings were found across Russian territory using the same Google instrumentary.
Russian ad for vista 1

31 Window Vista Ad

Window Vista Ad

In one Russian city they advertise Windows Vista on lavatory pans in public toilets
of the city. The sign reads "Windows Vista - the digital future starts here".

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