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  1. They told the same about my town in the early XX century…
    today you can’t find a place to park your car.
    (of course , i’m not comparing Belo Horizonte with St. Petersburg, but both are planned cities)

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    • Yep.

      St. Pete is the only European city in Russia. Moscow is a disaster, and with Luzjkov at the helm it’s not improving, concrete and glass bricks are erected everywhere..

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  7. This and other series of old photos posted here, and at other Russki sites are quite interesting. I would just like (as many others would) some explanation/captions of just what we’re seeing here, and at similar displays elsewhere not involving Rossia. I’ve been to ‘Sant’ twice so catch some of it – Winter Palace, Stock Exchange, Light houses, (is it? St. Pauls?). But most foreigners will not recognize anything, so meaning is lost.
    I see these unexplained images all over the internet and find it careless and even deplorable. Why bother posting/downloading to “English/Russian” what you are unwilling to explain???

  8. as a Russian David Blaine, in part due to doing a 48-day fast in a sealed chamber) were posted to EnglishRussia, showing him doing a one-hour immersion in the cold water of a hole in the ice of the Moscow River, […]

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