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    • This place is a crossing of Pribrezny passage and Leningradskoye highway in Moscow.

  1. stfu… the roads in downtown moscow are much much better maintained than most american cities.. ever been to NYC, Boston, or SF? Lack of driving skills can be said of a lot of countries.. lack of general culture? also bs

  2. True about poor traffic engineering and lousy road maintenance but I don’t know about the lack of general culture… the intersection does look a bit confusing

    • A drivers license can be bought easily, and to avoid all the hassle [bureaucracy etc] many do buy, reasoning ‘how difficult can it be, I come first and then the rest ..’

      Basic traffic rules are ignored by many. Like here, right has priority, but getting it is something different…

      • At least this accident site,one can`t blame on authorities because of poor and even “criminal”piece of traffic engineering.i can`t blame on innocent drivers of their vehicles.they have to do in road limits……R I P ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. As far as I know Russians are not even remotely familiar with the concept of ‘yield’. People I know that have gone through the автошколы tell me that at no point is this most basic rule of motoring discussed.

    When it comes to driving Russians know how to hit the gas and blow the horn, in that order.

    Of course some better traffic engineering would help, but that would require asking for… and accepting non-Russian help, and a Russian will never, ever do that.

  4. If you look, the crossroads is after some tunnel or bridge, from dark. So the cars that come straight are hard to notice.
    Another reason might be that the flow of cars from under the bridge is constant.

    Most of the accidents follow the same rule. Car coming from under the bridge and a left turn.

    The real problem is they have not done something to change the design.

  5. So we have witnessed a lot of accidents on the same spot, we are learning from this fact and we will be doing something about it shortly, right?

  6. I am an American tourist. I want to sit on a lawn chair with a bag of fatt- and corn syrup-laden food, and wait for the crunch of metal…

    So where is this intersection?

    • All roads could do without yield or stop signs, they are just different levels of telling the drivers that “hey this might be an extra good time to look out”.
      And then at least in Europe there are dangerous crossing warning signs which might be suitable.
      Still anything works just as good as the drivers follow the signs.

    • Left-turners supposed to yield? Why? Where I live cars driving straigh from the left of the picture should be the ones to yield in this case, unless the cars turning left from the bottom have a ‘yield’ sign. If they dont have such a sign they should only yield for the cars coming from their right. Can’t really see if there is such a sign there, so dont know who is to blame.

  7. So how long has the intersection been in existence? How many accidents have occurred there? How many lives lost? (Most of the photos show fender-benders, but a front-end collision can cause death, especially if airbags are missing or faulty.)

    So why has this gone unrepaired for so long? Certainly this can’t be the only intersection of its type in the world. The solution wouldn’t even have to be developed from scratch – just use some other city’s solution! Why not an overpass to move left-hand traffic directly onto its route?

    I don’t understand why this situation continues when it is so obviously bad. What am I missing here? There must be a reason why. What is it? A cynic might say graft or kickbacks from the towing companies must be involved.

  8. There is enough space on this crossing to transform it into a roundabout (rotary). So let’s make it one and the traffic will flow nicely as in contrary to traffic lights which will stop the traffic and cause traffic jams.
    I’m in Sweden and is does work out here.

    • Expat: yes, rondabouts are nice, but… in Sweden even riding a bike without lights on a motorway in complete darkness works nice, but I wouldn’t try that in other parts of “civilized” Europe, let alone Russia.

  9. “Another” point i realise,that so many years later Russians enjoy true independence from centrally controlled nice party system so they don`t wanna to obey any kind of law obligations.the “fear”(i mean hope)of returning of golden past is always haunted them! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.there is no rocket science to correct that simple road engineering problem.these intersections may be build for the little traffic,but now a days traffic is far higher than expected.

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  12. I wonder if there’s some subliminal suggestions going on here. After the first couple of accidents happened coincidentally, perhaps the “accident fact” was implanted in the other drivers’ thoughts and then they subconsciously “willed” themselves to have an accident. No hocus-pocus here, just a testament on how our thoughts usually control our lives.

  13. no seriously ….how hard is it to put a freakin light there….maybe that’s the “I’m tired of my freakin car and need to collect insurance to get a new one” intersection..hehehehehee

  14. I’ll tell you what would go a long way to reducing these accidents. It’s called daytime running lights.
    Most countries now make them mandatory, but obviously from the pictures Russia isn’t one of them.
    As pointed out, the cars coming from the left are coming out of a tunnel or from under a bridge. If they had headlights on at all times, the cars turning would see them much MUCH better, and there would be way less accidents at the intersection.

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