Car Under the Bridge

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Drivers in Kiev could see this accident happened a few days ago. As the passers-by have been told that the car has been fallen from the 90 feet tall bridge and crashed into the paved road, made a hole in it and deepened into the ground by the half.

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But then it came up that this was a mock up by the local authorities in order to scare the drivers and force them to follow the traffic rules. They say it was pretty effective, the slowed down substantially affected by what they have seen.

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18 thoughts on “Car Under the Bridge”

  1. here they use to put really bad wrecked cars in some spots over the town to do the same.

    but the only thing that really is decreasing the accidents in weekends is the new zero tolerance alcohol law for drivers.

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  6. In Rockaway, New York they put vehicles that were in acccidents in a parking lot across the street from the police station. Same reason, I was told on numerous occasions.

    I haven’t been back there in five years, so I am not sure it is still like that. However, I know this is done in many places.

    It was very disturbing to see. Not sure if it was an effective deterrent, as New York was recently voted the #1 American city with Road Rage. I’m sure this had something to do with many crashes there. That and driving drunk, of course.

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