10 thoughts on “10 Men Power”

  1. Once you overcome friction, it’s all about putting kinetic energy in. Which leads to another problem: once it’s moving, can you stop it? Bozhe moi…

  2. breaks work regardless of the plane being on or not.. so yea you can stop it. squeezing them depends on the person behind the wheel.

  3. planes cant move backwards without being towed.

    The weight of 10 persons is about 900kg.
    The weight of the plane is about 100t.
    That means like pushing a car that is 10t. I can easily push a 1,5t car. It would be difficult to get that 10t to move though.

    BTW the Soviet military had tables, how many soldiers would take to replace a truck, a tractor etc. Perhaps they were soldiers.

  4. I saw a Transtel (Deustche Welle TV) mini documentary about making planes, and they had this Airbus A310 I think.

    When it completed production, it took only a team of 6 men to move the jet out to the fitting area.

    So I don’t see anything unusual here.


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