52 thoughts on “Georgian President’s Tie”

  1. It would not be surprising if he were to die soon. And it would be a big question who has mandated the murder, because he is now a problem for both Russia and the U.S. It is now obvious to all the politics in the world that he is neither someone you can deal with (for Russia), nor someone you can rely on (for the U.S.).

  2. …I presume that everyone here knows that this clip is a piece of Russian Propaganda and Disinformation.

    Not that I fault the Ruski’s for this…and it is not too badly done, but people should also know what it is.

    Best Wishes, Traveller

  3. Has anybody noticed that NATO and Russia now use the exact same rhetoric when they want to expand – they both ask the following question:

    “Do you want to fight against Russia? If not, join us!”

  4. His tie is the only thing safe to eat, with all the Soviet, er Russian Government poisonings of “Enemies of the State”.

  5. Russian, Georgian, American, European, and everyone else,

    Let’s all be friends!

    Let’s be nice to each other!

    War is silly! It must be deprecated and retired to history books and museums. And we must begin work on World 2.0 where all people are happy, and work together to solve problems like world hunger and renewable energy.

    *huggles all round*

    • It’s same thing as saying to a sick one with cancer: Cancer is silly! It must be deprecated and retired to history of human diseases and medical museums. And you must begin work on Life 2.0 where you wont get sick anymore and will live happily after, blah blah blah. But tell me Bubbles how the hell do you intend to get well unless you bombard the cancerous cells with radiation and chemo? Just when you thought you’ve figured the life out, huh!

  6. that’s funny but I doubt it’s real. the BBC is reeeeeally strict on anything “potentially funny” in their news. they suspend their evening newscasters for making personal remarks like “oh, that was nice” and miniscule stuff that would be absolutely okay on another channel or during breakfast shows. seeing that this is the main bbc world newscast, which is en par with the british 10 o’clock flagship news, I suspect it’s footage mounted in by someone else.

    then again, I’m just some guy on the internet. the BBC ombudsman could probably confirm or deny this. anyone wanna write him a letter?

  7. if some TV channel would show putin doing the same, tv channel would be closed. like it happened with a newspaper that announce about putin’s divorce and new marriage 😀

    long live russia – country of “special” democracy, and “freedom” of speach 😀

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  9. …yes Tarmo, I agree with you! 😉 …and:

    9. In a short future USA will looking for if under Georgia there is enough oil, like in Iraq.
    10. If there is not oil, then, probably Russia has …”mass extermination weapons”!? 😉

  10. …yes Tarmo, I agree with you! 😉 …and:

    9. In a short future USA will looking for if under Georgia there is enough oil, like in Iraq.
    10. If there is not oil, then, probably Russia has …”mass extermination weapons”, …like Iraq!? 😉

  11. Yes, Eris,
    …especially when the american “democracy and freedom” are based on the tears and blood of other peoples and countries! (…from the american native Indians through all the time, until to the Iraqis).

    My question: is this the really …”American Way of Life”!?
    I think that some of these cowboys have too much McDonald´s fat in their brains…

  12. Hey mister milano the more i read you the more one truth becomes clear to me and that is LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER. Wow, we really do see the world differently. by the way are you an America hating American or an ignorant European?

  13. …I´m surely NOT american or an “ignorant” European, yes, only European!
    Mr. or Mrs. “freedom”, where are you coming from? How old are you? What are looking for here?
    English is not my language, but I try to put here my opionions in a clear way! What about you? Should I take a dictionary to understand 10% of what you write here? Please try to give a sense to the pairs of neurons that you have in your brain. Maybe you are too far away from Russia and/or you don´t know nothing about Russian History, in this case, please avoid here your nonsense comments!
    …or you have something other else better to show here!? …for example…a complete and understandable phrase?

  14. I know Russian history pretty well, thank you. Since I, myself, was born in former USSR. I have no idea if you are of a similar background but looking back I see pretty clearly the blood trail that was left by the czar and later on by communists. My ancestors suffered greatly under the tyranny of Russian rulers so don’t you start preaching to me about Russian history; I know it all to well!!!

    • It seems like you made your http://www.disney.com joke a few times already. Perhaps your own brain is severely damaged by one of those substances since you seem utterly incapable to come out with a fresh joke. Suggestion: watch more late night shows they’ll give you an idea for a fresh lame joke.


    G E O R G I A A A A A

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