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  1. They’re pulling into port for more vodka, before they have to go south, onto the Georgian coastline.

    Just a theory…

    • Guy!what do you think about the present Russian military power?Georgia is no more than “dot” on earth! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Russian “vostok battalion”is enough for whole theater.American supplies and training proved,old Soviet saying…..bad company is the devil,s net! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

      • Wow! ! ! ! ! ! !”moral credibility”to their new masters,U ASS OF A.what the point you raise.as you said,some major oil transmission pie lines cross Georgian land and some land locked oil rich countries desperately needs Georgian soil to export it.so my friend,as we all better knows U ASS OF A these days extremely hungry for energy insurance.Iraq,Sudan,Iran,venezuela and now in the name of “expansion of true democracy”U ASS try to destabilise whole eastern European region.if U ASS has the right to secure his interests all over the world,why Russia can`t do that?and you said,Russian military hardware is obsolete now a days.sir let first ask your U ASS buddies from Iraq and Afghanistan,what is the performance of simple to use and cheap to build Russian weapon systems?why Humvee is obsolete in modern warfare so young?we don`t need Robocop in real battle field.high tech=high risk=high rate of casualty…………….

    • Actually it’s American navy forces south of Georgia, not Russian. “Bad Russians” image is good for worldwide propaganda led by Americans and Western Europe, which are just afraid of russian potential and power. Don’t believe in everything you see on tv :p

  2. These photos were taken during filming of a new, original work by Russian film makers. Name of movie is “Hunt for Blue September,” about a traitorous Estonian who tries to steal a Russian sub and deliver it to NATO, and the brave, loyal Russians who pursue the Estonian and punish him.

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    • Not number 6;
      Number six is an oscar next to a typhoon class submarine…huge mumma, designed to sit on the bottom of the ocean near US or any place and monitor for many months at a time. Was the sub Red October was based on…

  5. Make no mistake about Russian subs.They maybe 2nd class klunkers,but lethal all the same.Moreover,Russia “acquired” through Toshiba engineering of Japan,run-silent-props, decades ago.Thus,are not that easy to detect due to low cavitation.

    Besides that they store enormous amounts of multiple (long range)I.C.B.M. warheads.And,a well versed theory to the sinking of the Kursk,was that it sank because of a possible peroxide torpedo explosion.A torpedo that can potentially travel 130 kms/hr in the water.That would put it at the top of Jane’s Military Weapons list,for sure.

    The “Hunt for Blue September”…well,not sure of.But Belarus might be trying to build up it’s navy,to agitate Switzerland ![:)))

    • You misunderstood me mate:)What I meant is that the type (officially called class)of thease submarines are Oscar-II.

      Yes there are big torpedoes in thease.The second,bigger explosion on Kursk measured a 3.5 on the richter scale! It happened close to Murmansk and even in Germany it could be sensed.

      May those sailors rest in peace.

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