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  1. graffiti means: chechnya, chechnya, chechnya, yamadaev’s battalion “vostok”=east (chechen subunit of russian army commanded by sulim yamadaev)

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  6. Anyone else think that Russia’s military looks like half assed American militias? I mean christ, they look so unprofessional, out of shape, and under funded.

    • If you really think Russian military is unprofessional, especially in this case in S.Ossetia, then you’ve got to think again. Believe me.
      And, just to convince you, I’ll let you count the arms and machinery shipped to Georgia by NATO in the few previous years, and then carefully find out what happened with all that stuff in the few (2, actually) days of the liberation.

      Also, talking about unprofessional army, I don’t advise you to get the impression about “professional army” from Hollywood movies! 😉 Just go to the war and see for yourself.

      • I must agree. “Professional” depends on the standards set by the organization. If proper wear of uniform and equipment is the standard, then maybe the Russians don’t make it. If kicking ass is the standard, I’d say they are doing pretty well.

        • You are quit right,if the uniforms and mirror like shaved faces are standard,Iraqis and Afghans are lacking so much.over 7000 U ASS highly standardized and high tech soldiers died due to “malaria” in Iraq and Afghanistan! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Will is the power,not weapons . . . . . . . . . .

    • look at photos of ww2 and compare how Russians looked and how Germaqns looked those times – the difference was the same as you noticed now, YET – we all know results…by the way-what the difference? If Americans will attack Russia they will not see these soldjers in combat – there will be exchange of nuclear strikes, but to kick Saakashvili’s agressors this Russian soldjers are just fine…

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  8. What a mess… Yes it was a mistake for Georgia to try to take South Ossetia. but… the russians are encouraging a scorched earth policy now by destroying everything within their sights. The Russians look underfunded and unprofessional. This is their big statement to the world? Impressive. Tubli Boiss. These half assed cowboys would be cleaned up by NATO in 30 minutes… Hopefully

    • So, think a little. Hard conditions are usual for them. Their spartan lifestyle makes them twice more sturdy than any NATO soldier. They are warriors who fight or die.

    • you wish – you will be cleaned by nukes – do you think Russians are insane to send its soldjers against NATO which population is 7 times bigger then Russian population(and so 7 times bigger army and mobilisation reserves) ? – you are funny…Nukes, nukes are prepared for you – that is for sure

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  10. It’s about veteran status of soldiers.
    Mainly: “Chechenya”. “East of Chechenya”, “(Veterans) of Yamadan”.

    • It actually means “Battalion East” and “Yamadayevtsy” (the men of Yamadayev). They are not Russian soldiers, they’re Chechen mercs and former rebels.

      • Chechens are Russians too, just like Ossetians, Ingish, tatars, Ukrainians, Georgians, etc 🙂

        Or, if you prefer, they are “checheno-russians”.

        And “Vostok” is a regular military, not “mercs”.

  11. Funny how these images, or in fact any images of Ossetia in ruins after Georgian onslaught together with genocide of 2000 civilians, didn’t even ones appear on the front pages of the western media… or rather they did, but under a slightly different headline:


    Oh yes… 🙂

  12. It’s about veteran status of soldiers.
    Mainly: “Chechenya”. “East of Chechenya”, “(Veterans) of Yamadan”.

    More precisely it means that it is army the East typed in the Chechen Republic.

  13. Because they had just finished negotiating and signing a ceasefire.

    Thank you for the photos. It’s like the Congo only with conifers.

  14. What a mess… Yes it was a mistake for Georgia to try to take South
    The Georgian armies have been equipped and trained by the USA and Israel, but have been broken for two days. You still hope?

  15. What continually strikes home for me is the wanton destruction visited upon the very weakest.
    I mean, for instance, why does an army have to destroy:

    An old woman’s home
    A furniture store
    An electronics store
    An old man’s three wheeled cart (probably all he has in the world)

    I can easily understand the burned out tanks and military equipment, the dead soldier’s bodies, but the wanton killing of old folks and the destruction of the poor? Who does this benefit and what does it prove?
    It’s the same thing that makes my blood boil when I see pictures of OUR OWN involvement (and others) in IRAQ…

    LEAVE THE OLD, YOUNG AND INNOCENT out of it and just fight the soldiers. Unless an old woman is holding an RPG or housing enemy troops she is no threat.

    • Actually, i think you’ll find that’s because SOLDIERS MOVE and your aim isn’t good enough to hit your target 99.9% of the time. It’s not wanton, it’s accidental often. Also, what if there was a crowd of enemy soldiers outside an old womans flat, and they just popped a tank shell off to conserve valuable ammuntion? oldwoman + house disappeared.

      think before you speak

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    • Ossetians are more 60%.
      Serbs were more than 30% in Kosovo _before_ NATO started bombing Serbia and Serbs from Kosovo fled to Serbia.

      Dig deeper yourself.

      • Fair Enough.

        81 point something, … nevertheless over 90 when they got independent. …..

        Independence for Chechnya!! -Thts a better comparison to ossetia!


        • Anybody mentioned Kosovo precedent? Well, first of all, there was genocide (!!!) happening first in Bosnia and then in Kosovo due to Milosevic’s politics and that’s why there was NATO intervention that violated territorial integrity of Serbia. Nothing of that scale has ever happened in Ossetia nor Abkhazia. Second, Russian army are not peacekeepers. Peacekeepers should be international and should not supply one side with weapons and military advisors, they should not plunder and they should not have brutal war record Russians have from Chechnya (that was massacre!). Third, South Ossetia is historical and almost central part of Georgia with huge Georgian “minority”. Ossetians are relative newcomers from behind mountains. Fourth, Russia played a major role in feeding the conflict since early 90s and getting advantage of it, for instance they distributed Russian Passport to the population to get “right” for intervention and closely cooperated with Ossitians and Abkhazs. Fifth, Russians are not creating new growing democratic independent states, but dysfunctional colonies with loyal leaders like in the bad old days of USSR. Sixth, listen how Russian leaders like Sergei Lavrov speak about Russian right to forcefully decide lives of people in Russia’s “sphere of influence” and you get the idea. Seventh, Russian state controlled media launched large disinformation campaign creating until today false image of genocide, later contradicted by western reporters and organizations like Human Rights Watch. We had war reporters in Georgia even in 1993 and believe me, they gave us different story, and they were horrified what Russia was doing there. And that continues until today, even in Chechnya, in Dagestan… Saakashvili may have done wrong moves, but it’s not Russian business. Nothing personal against Russians, but Kremlin’s foreign politic is so much horribly wrong. If you don’t like what is happening in Kosovo, Iraq or Afghanistan, it is still an attempt to throw over totalitarian regimes and create moreorless democratic countries and prevent further national conflicts. What Russia does in Caucasus is right the opposite.

    • Kosovian are over 90% only since NATO bombed Serbia. But discussing demographics is pointless, it’s the wishes of people who live there that must count. These people have been struggling for almost 20 years to separate from Georgia, declaring that they wanted independence just when the USSR collapsed. They are still struggling, because we, the West, just believe we can decide who deserves independence and who does not, backing this with dumb arguments such as demographics and percentages, and making fun of what the people want.

  18. Please don’t use the word “truth” with Faux News. Even if they broadcasted unedited live it would be angled and propaganda.

  19. All _three_ sides are disgrace.

    Russia has strong political interest in S-O for it to be part of Russia or a russian friendly new Ossetia. Therefore they shouldn’t be “peace keeping” in this area.

    Also Russia failed miserably keeping the peace.

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  23. gah The whole thing is a mess, satellite states like Georgia should follow their instructions, not go off half cocked and try to wipe out their enemies before anyone notices. Yes they brought it on themselves, and yes they were the aggressors, THIS TIME. However if Russia was suppose to keep the peace why did they let South ossetian bandits fire rockets at the Georgian bases? And why give Russian passports to non-Russian citizens? The whole thing reminds me of the Sudetenland and Germany’s thin excuses for annexing their neighbors.
    Russia will be looked out of the Financial markets, and it’s the common people that will suffer as usual, all the while cheering those that made them starve.

  24. Russians have clearly become untrustable fascists.
    Sooner or later russian puppy dog leaders will be prosecuted for murders.

    • Estonia you will be next.for your crimes against innocent Russian citizens.you pay much larger than you do.we have eraser,to wipe the borders between the two lands.mother RUSSIA waiting for your arrival.

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  26. What is clear here is that the Georgian president tried to fool Russia, simultaneously leading peace discussions and preparing his attack of South Ossetia. Saakashvili just thought that, as he has a foot in NATO, he’s allowed to do just what he wants and kill peacekeeping soldiers mandated by the UN.

    It was a wise European move to prevent Georgia from stepping fully into NATO this spring. In this war, the only obvious thing is that Saakashvili is just another American puppet, and that the US just want to make Georgia one more Nicaragua/Panama/call it as you want.

    Saakashvili has nothing in common with European values, although he puts the EU flag for each one of his declarations. He’s only interested by power and has seen the US collaboration as a means to maintain his power.

    Russians are fully right to destroy all the equipment of the Georgian army. Just ask yourself, what it would have been within 5-10 years more of NATO providing weapons to Georgia? No doubt that Saakashvili does not give a f… about civilian casualties, and he would just have made the same with a much higher death toll within 5 years, had he been smart enough to wait. But by chance, he’s dumb enough to think he can do anything and that we’ll back him. Now his retirement (or death) would be a big relief for all the world.

    At last, it’s completely crazy how politics just do not mind what the Ossetian (and Abkhazian) PEOPLE want. Fortunately today the secretary of the OSCE said that Ossetian should have their word to say about their future. I think it’s the first ever Western politic to say this, which shows how partial our countries can be. Please think about it, you fellow readers from the US and Europe. And I hope this will also show to the Russians that not all Europeans and Americans think alike…

  27. Bah, these are rag-tag South Ossetian militias.
    Atleast their revenge camapgins have been stopped by Russian soldiers (protecting Georgian citizens from South Ossetian revenge).

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  29. As an American, I’m appaled, but not suprised in the least of the one-sided news coverage our media is giving to this issue. They still act is if it was 15 years ago and that we’re unable together news from sources other than our main propagandists. Thank God for the interwaeb. On Fox this weekend, I herad so many ‘bear’ analogies that I just about puked. “The bear is sharpening it’s claws”, “The bear has awoken”, “The bear is angry”. I also watched a FOX program called, “Russia: The Angry Giant”.

  30. These photographs (except the last) were actually made by Arkady Babchenko (the guy who wrote “A Soldier’s War in Chechnya” – he was a soldier in both Chechnyan wars, first at 18 years as an untrained conscript, then as a volunteer regular, and later he became a journalist). That’s him in the last photo.

    Ilya Plekhanov, who is quoted by EnglishRussia as the author, only published the photos on the Iskusstvo Voiny website. I guess the EnglishRussia crew can’t read Russian? :o/

    See http://www.navoine.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=112

  31. These photographs (except the last) were actually made by Arkady Babchenko (the guy who wrote “A Soldier’s War in Chechnya” – he was a soldier in both Chechnyan wars, first at 18 years as an untrained conscript, then as a volunteer regular, and later he became a journalist). That’s him in the last photo.

    Ilya Plekhanov, who is quoted by EnglishRussia as the author, only published the photos on the Iskusstvo Voiny website. I guess the EnglishRussia crew can’t read Russian? :o/

    See navoine.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=112

  32. I do agree, excellent and pragmatic comment.

    All this talk about prestige, greatness and whatnot, is just abstract bla-bla which has no effect on the everyday life of the majority of people, except when the bombs come down.

    Like I wrote before, the governments are in a very populistic way appealing to nationalist sentiments to authorize/legalize their actions.

    And they know they can get away with virtually anything, in particular in E-Europe/Russia, where people are not used to raise their [individual] voice in protest against their government, or to be critical individuals. If you are not with us you are against us, this idea is still very present in many peoples brain. Planted there by the state.

    The ‘state’ : a superstructure, untouchable, looming over them like a thundercloud, controlling and manipulating its citizens, instead of being a service provider representing them, like in W.Europe.

    But maybe this will change, like in China, where remarkable things are taking place. And this medieval relying on traditions and national and ethnical identity will be replaced by personal identity and achievements.

    Instead of focusing on what sets us apart it’s more productive to focus on what unites us, in the end.

    • “If you are not with us you are against us” – isn’t that what George W. Bush of the USA said when he rallied up allies for his administration’s catastrophic wars?

      Your prejudices about Eastern Europe are quite amusing, all over these comment boards. Please continue to delight us so.

      • I wouldn’t assume that everyone in Russia thinks like in “the Russian forums”. I follow a lot of Russian LiveJournals, and somehow I get a more varied picture than that. Maybe forums and blogs attract different kinds of people.

        • Another excellent one : the russian looters seen on several movies and pictures [like youtube and CNN] are not russians, according to the official statements.

          They are Georgians, dressed up as Russians, stealing their own stuff [in Russian controlled territory, filling up Russian trucks with Russian licenseplates] to mislead the Western [read: american] press into believing Russians are looting and therefore bad people.

          The amazing thing is many people actually believe this.

  33. These photographs (except the last) were actually made by Arkady Babchenko (the guy who wrote “A Soldier’s War in Chechnya” – he was a soldier in both Chechnyan wars, first at 18 years as an untrained conscript, then as a volunteer regular – later he became a journalist). That’s him in the last photo.

    Ilya Plekhanov, who is quoted by EnglishRussia as the author, only published the photos on the Iskusstvo Voiny website. I guess the EnglishRussia crew can’t read Russian? :o/

    See navoine.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?t=112

    • Oops, I’m terribly sorry for triple posting, but I thought my previous posts had not gone through. (After all, it says “Comments can appear delayed, up to 5 minutes”, not “up to 15 hours”.) Sheesh. How embarrassing.

  34. Totally wrong assessment of whole conflict.just Russia is not responsible for all.U ASS is the key player of disabling the southern Russia.poor military training and bad tactics are also causes of Georgena “disgrace”! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.if U ASS get out of this region,may be more chance of peace there.Russian peace keeping are the best in the all world.why are all so called “Free” media silence over the first attack of Georgian “liberators”.they(Georgians)attack innocent civilians and unarmed peoples.shame on closed mouth holes! ! ! ! ! ! !

  35. How wonderful you are! ! ! ! ! ! !.you deliberately ignored,U ASS involvement over this Georgian issue.please let me know about some facts.why Georgia invades so called “occupied” lands,just before the missile shield programme finalisation?why U ASS trained and equipped Georgian forces,much larger than his needs?why all so called”free world”sleeping over the atrocities and genocide by the Georgian forces?why are all”commentators” and critics of Russian action zipped their mouth holes over the first aggression of Georgian military attack over “tiny and little” region of south ossetia?don`t compare with Grenada,here is another game is start right now.

    • don’t believe everything Russian news say, controlled by government, want you to believe. War means atrocities on both sides.

  36. Bostock battalion,dude.they are paramilitary under the ministry of interior.they fought very hard.after all Chechens and Georgians had centuries old rivalry.they are very much loyal to Mother Russia.Putin personally formed them by presidential decree.i like them very much,because of their wild west style.rude crude and immediate shoot are their main characteristics! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Yes ! ! ! ! !they done absolutely with Georgians right on the spot! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.Execute when thy captured George`s Georgian Mercenaries! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • They answer to the GRU actually (like Basayev once, when he was a deputy defense minister of Abkhazia).

      The Chechen MVD are Battalions South and North, and they are enemies of the East and West (this is why Yamadayev is now hiding in Moscow).

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    • lololol, doesn’t that smoke give their position to enemy, oh yeah, enemy they invaded doesn’t have any tanks. It would be harder to invade Disneyland than little Georgia, they have more security in Disneyland. Aren’t Georgians allowed to occupy thier own country? Not with Russia as neighbor, no.

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  39. Finally the Russian officials admitted that they were exaggerating: only 133 people were killed by the Georgians [mostly in battle], not 2000+ [no genocide therefore].
    But they achieved their goal: the average Russian who watched the news channels will carry the idea of Georgians-commiting-genocide in his head till he dies. And tell it to his neighbors and his children, too.
    Thats how you achieve indoctrination: build on people’s inbuild paranoia, fears and distrust of everything outside their circle and when their support is needed [i.e. for supporting geo political actions or smt similar], they are easy to trigger.

    Happens all over the world.

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  42. Wel speaking of russian army, it has world’s best war gears, even NATO and US had to admit it.
    Take a look at this…

    – Su-47 Berkut : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-47
    – T-90 : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-90

    N.B.: These are only few of the hundreds and hundreds of other world leading gears.

  43. 1 Su-47 Berkut is going to beat 800 or so eurofighters, don’t talk daft you thick ignorant russian pig as for your t-90 tanks bwahahahaha http://frontierindia.net/t-90-s-is-a-dud-it-cant-fire-far-enough

  44. perhaps you should read your own news more often. Your so-called ‘modern’ society is vastly inferior to the middle ages you mock. Try looking at some of the links Glenn Sacks post or listen to a Leykis podcast.

  45. No doubt, americans can fight aginst great powers like North Korea, Iraq (since 2002) or Afghanistan (with middle aged weapons), but not agoinst Russia coz they are all damned cowards. They can only say @woof0woof@ like dogs. So let they keep saying it, who cares?

    • Why Russian people and American hate to much each other? Quit hating and start forgiving. Our country does not need oil from another coutry. War will not solve the problem it’s going to make it worse.Stop hating Georgian what ever place it is. Hating is not the best solutions go to you church. I am sure your priest does not teach you to hate.Or does it?

  46. Hmm, i tho Bravekeart was Irish. No? Shame on me 🙂 I also dont care about where exactly on the map Scotland is. 🙂 Somewhere near North Ploe i guess.

  47. Geee, ppl you really love killing other?

    What is wrong with you guys, do you have your brain washed by government media?

    That applies to everyone including Georgians <- this is the info for the guys who search for enemy everywhere.

  48. what does Scotland have .. large quantities of Coal ..Oil and Gas … much of the oil and Gas has yet to be tapped … but that will change when we become a independent country again

    ps Braveheart was based to a degree on fact … with hollywood drivel thrown in

    as for the Irish being Brave …. only behind bushes with their bombs … we like to fight our enemies head on

  49. It’s always interesting when a Russian speaks about “fighting with Afghanistan”. Ass kicked much by “middle aged” warriors?

    “Great powers” talk: Saddam’s army had some 375,000 regular soldiers (not to mention the militias) and was completely destroyed in 3 weeks and the multi-million city of Baghdad fell in about 3 days.

    For a comparison Chechen separatist forces had only few thousand men in semi-regular forces, but it took Russia about HALF YEAR to get control of this tiny territory in 1999-2000 (and besieged Grozny for more about 3 months) – not to even mention losing the first war before that.

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  52. Oh Mighty Russia has us shaking in our boots in USA. How many of your tanks were towed across the mountains? Let’s see Russia take on NATO, what a joke. There are more Russians in USA then in Russia now, don’t believe me? Go to Brooklyn and see for yourself. Why doesn’t Russia create a system that benefits it citizens, maybe young people will stay in Russia if they have jobs. Putin seems determined to resurrect USSR superpower past by invading a country with half the population of Moscow, very impressive. Russians should ask, why does Poland hate our guts?

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  57. The man in the last picture is Arkady Babchenko who is a very famous writer and he survived both first and second Chechen war AND the south ossetian war. Read his books!!! They are great!!!

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