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  1. Is it me or all the girls here look like Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) ?

    Why are there signs of smirks (Looks computer-aided) on the 6th image’s sides?

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  3. Wow, this is the time when my parents were living their young life. Too bad my parents weren’t like this though. But the problem is that Soviet Society put limits, or standards on what a person should be like, and that suppressed sub cultures greatly. But there where some, just like today that simply did not care, and thats great!

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  4. I miss my lovely old days.innocent teens and simple way of life.where are you peoples system?i miss you a lot.store No,13 and his fashion accessories! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • not many people had cameras, and those who had, usually processed photos themselves. chemicals, paper and films for colour photography both cost more and were rare in the shops.

  5. this looks more like it was in the 80’s. and why is everything in black and white? didn’t they have colour film, or was it for a project or something. Cause 20 years ago was not that long back.

  6. 90’s rock…just look at the fashion and hair.;)
    I like how school kids were close and friendly, the school was like a second home, and classmates were like siblings. I miss those years of innocence, free spirit and just life. Even though it was not the best life, but people knew how to make the best of it. The time has passed but lovely memories will always be in our hearts.

    • It was either (a) smuggled in by sailors or other people who were allowed to travel abroad, or (most often) (b) it was produced locally in underground workshops specializing in fabrication of fake Western clothing and sportswear.

      When I was a schoolboy in USSR in pre-Gorbachev era we were sent to factories to be trained as future workforce. I remember a guy, a worker there, who was making very good extra profit by producing metallic labels for fake brandname jeans to be sold on black market.

    • Uh…for everyone here talking about Soviet Russia-a bit of math and history. The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.
      If these photos are 15 years old as claimed-they date to 1993, when the USSR had already ceased to exist.

  7. To all those who are wondering because of the b/w photos – colour films were kind of exotic untill mid 90’s – look e.g. at videos from Chernobyl or documentations from early 90’s – they are mostly in b/w

  8. The photos are most probably from mid to late 80s.
    What I miss completely is at least one “metalhead” wearing a black t-shirt with “Iron Maiden” or “Metallica” stenciled across his/her chest and matching jeans jacket with little round “AC/DC” or “Judas Priest” badges.
    These were “imported” to communist Czechoslovakia from Hungary, where the system allowed at least some manifestations of capitalist decadence. They were bloody expensive and worn only when the headmaster was not looking 😉
    Bad old times…

  9. Its mirror of our old soviet life. Little bit i miss… but don’t want back. A thousand b|w foto in archive and just 20-30 color foto made by professional fhotographs in studio. Say hello 2 all from Russia (Rossija)

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