26 thoughts on “Tree Climbing Dogs”

  1. They were taught in ancient circus how to do it, it’s now in their blood. I always said how Russia is a big circus where everyone are just clowns.

  2. I want to see photos of Russian troops in Georgia! My man Putin is kicking some you-know-what! He will teach those little countries a lesson about who their daddy is–their daddy is Russian!

    Ukraine, you are next! 🙂

    M. Ahmadinejad

    • Yous forzgets one thzing– Here we hazz orangezzes, and our aim izz good. Poo-pootin\’s tanks are no maztch for our fresh fruitz.

      (by ze way, 8+5, treecky treecky, but wiz three of my little toes I figured it out. We alwayzz find a way in ze Ukraina.)

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