Martian Scam


A few days ago our Russian friends receive new type of Niggerian fraud emails.

Probably, all of us got such kind of emails before, but at this time our South African friends got something new from beneath of their imagination depth, I wonder if someone falls for this?

Read the text below:

I pray that this email reaches you in the best of health. This letter may come to you as asurprise due to the fact that we have not yet met. The message could be strange but it’s real and you will realise this if you pay some attention to it. I want to notify you about it at least for the sake of your integrity.

My name is Major Greg Boner Moyo, a direct and only remaining member of the wealthy Moyo family. I am an astronaut with the South African Air Force and on loan to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

In 2003 I left earth aboard the Mars Rover, Spirit. Seven months later I arrived on Mars.Prior to departing earth, I deposited the amount of US$ 11,600,000 (Eleven million, six hundred thousand United States dollars) in four safety galvanized boxes in a European financial institution which will be disclosed to you upon your acceptance of my proposal.

Last year, during the course of my research on Mars, I was ambushed by a group of analdwelling rebel Martians who inflicted great torturous pain upon my body with anal probes.

After a few weeks of enduring the physical pain, they released me. As a direct result of this cruelty, I am now very ill with a ruptured uterus that has defiled all forms of medical treatment and which has been deemed to be inoperable by my Martian surgeons. I am writing this mail to you on a laptop from my hospital bed in the Martian capitol of Zhwrong.

I now have but a few weeks to live and I am far too ill to endure the long and arduous journey back to my South Africa home. Therefore I have decided to donate the bulk of my fortune to a church or charitable organisation that will utilize this money in the manner which I shall impart to you later. In return for your assistance, I shall authorise you to keep 30% of this fund for your trouble and aggravation plus an additional 10% to cover your expenses.

You should contact my attorney in Johannesburg immediately with your address andtelephone number and he will give you his full contact information and guidance so that we can make arrangements as soon as possible.

Contact Barrister Richard Hardon Baloye
Barristers & Solicitors,
Johannesburg, South Africa

Sincerely yours,
Major Greg Boner Moyo,
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Elysium Veterinary Infirmary
Zhwrong, Mars
Nano nano

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30 thoughts on “Martian Scam”

  1. You don’t understand…
    This message is from the future, and it’s true! The person who received it doesn’t understand what it means because it have yet to happen, but it’s from someone from the future (where life on mars finally reveled to us) who deposited that said amount of money (which to that date equals to about 5$)

    Next time you receive such spam, remember to ARCHIVE it and save it in a SAFE PLACE! The future knows better than you!

  2. Is “Greg” a female, or just a mutant male with a uterus..?

    Or as “LiraNuna” said, it’s from the future.. Does that mean that all men will become female in the future? Or just have a uterus?

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  4. hahahahaa… best is the mailadress: Reverent George Harris and where he is kept: “Elysium Veterinary Infirmary” hahaha!

  5. This only proves my point that Martians are rude. Poor Major Boner!

    I wasn’t aware of NASA letting South Africans into space, but everything else in the letter makes perfect sense so it must be true!

  6. Now this is good!!! Take a look at the very bottom of the address; he/she signs off with Nano nano. Thats what Mork(played by Robin Williams) from the TV show Mork and Mindy used to say!! Some one put alot of effort into making a bunch of us laugh!!
    Cheers from Spaceship Earth!

  7. Russia DID NOT ATTACK Georgia! 07.08.2008 at 22:00 Georgia has attacked South Ossetia. At 3:30 08.08.2008 tanks of the Georgian armies have entered into city Tskhinvali.

    Artillery bombardment all the day long proceeded, fights with use of tanks and heavy combat material, both against ossetic armies, and against peace inhabitants were conducted. 2000 civil people already were lost.

    The Russian peacemakers have arrived to South Ossetia in the evening 08.08.2008 for settlement of the conflict and prompting of the world in republic and protection of the Russian citizens living on territory of South Ossetia. Georgia has attacked South Ossetia on eve of Olympiad, it is top of cruelty and cynicism.

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  9. So you do realize that Nigeria(where Nigerians come from) is nowhere near South Africa?

    Also to the guy who said that NASA isn’t allowing SA astronauts, Mark Shuttleworth the first African in space was South African.

    I really do hate it when ignorant people portray us South Africans in such a bad light. Do a bit of research!

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  11. The recognized ‘419’ advance fee fraud scam is a main source of spam which takes its victims for hundreds of millions of dollars yearly. Email headers substantiate that much of this traffic currently comes out of Lagos and Amsterdam. 419ers also create fake bank websites. Ad hoc information warfare has begun in which anti-scammers hijack these websites as well as scammers’ email accounts. Spam legislation will not stop these particular emails. Filtering outgoing mail, as close as practical to the source, could suppress that piece of the fraud carried out by email, at least in the short term.

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