Russian air conditioner 1

34 Air Condition Job

Air Condition Job

Installing an air-conditioning unit
in Russia might be of big fun.
23 The Turbo Turtle

The Turbo Turtle

This turbo turtle video actually is a viral video ad for one of the
Russian cellphone providers selling fast cellular modems for laptops.
Russian Weapons 1

58 Armament Exhibition

Armament Exhibition

Some Russian Armaments
Exhibition for you weapons lovers.
Russian car plates in America 1

89 Russians Are Here

Russians Are Here

Well, Russians are already here. They are riding among us, using our car plates with the secret Russian words embedded into them. The one above starts this series of Russian American Car Plates. It says "I'am first b*tches!", this slangy phrase came from commenting habits to real life. So we put him first. Sometimes they use only Latin alphabet letters, sometimes use tricks to use Latin
letters or even numbers for a Cyrillic letter substitute, thus looking ambiguous for simple Americans but very obvious for any Russian meeting such a plate on the road causing him to understand that this is his fellow immigrant guy is driving ahead. We gonna decipher some of those secret messages American Russians are putting on their plates down there:
Bentley in Russia 1

26 Bentley in the Field

Bentley in the Field

In some parts of Russia they need luxury cars like Bentley to drive in the fields too. Sometimes they drive too fast
where there are no roads and crash their beautiful luxury mechanics, like this one from Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Moscow, Russia 1

37 Magic Spot

Magic Spot

This one is a magic spot in Moscow, Russia. It is famous for it's weird attraction of road accidents. With a strange
regularity cars crash each other right on this spot, many times in the year, as you can see on those photos.
street art in Odessa, Ukraine 1

27 Odessa Street Art

Odessa Street Art

Street art in
Odessa, Ukraine.
st. petersburg  1

30 St. Petersburg, 19th Century

St. Petersburg, 19th Century

Russian famous city two
centuries ago.
10 10 Men Power

10 Men Power

Towing a big transport plane? No problem, a towing force
of just 10 men power is what needed to do that.
bmw social ad in kiev 1

18 Car Under the Bridge

Car Under the Bridge

Drivers in Kiev could see this accident happened a few days ago. As the passers-by have been told that the car has been fallen from
the 90 feet tall bridge and crashed into the paved road, made a hole in it and deepened into the ground by the half.

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