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  2. I am really sorry to say this but this has got to be among the top ten worst post i have ever seen here. But to each his own. It stays a great website.

  3. Нахуя врубили всплывающую рекламу? Баннеров чтоль мало? Админ, отвечай, жадный сученыш. Я знаю, что ты русскоговорящий.

    • This city is Tomsk, I live in this city. This is a very ancient, wonderful and good city. I like this city. This monument situated near City Park. Building at the end of the walkway is a place, where been Mayor of Tomsk.
      P.S.: I badly know English.

  4. The details are simply amazing, true work of art.

    Next time you post with pictures, it might be a good idea to give higher resolution pictures to most (or some) of the pictures just for those who want to look deeper into them 🙂

  5. I love Russian rouble! My close friend Hugo Chavez has a great idea about it. He has proposed that we make it a “world currency” to overcome the US dollar. I love him for that. Well, I ALREADY loved him because he has such a big sexy chest and chin, but, well, you know what I mean.

    I am so glad to see Russian and Venezuela becoming close partners, and making the deal for Russian weapons and missiles in Venezuela. If my friend Hugo stays in charge, soon Venezuela will be as rich and powerful as Cuba!

  6. No, my friend, you should vote for Barack Obama. I prefer Obama because he will accept my invitation to visit me in Tehran, where we will sit on soft cushions, have tea and smoke the hookah and make plans for a new world order. I think he is almost as sexy as Hugo Chavez, but in a more refined, boyish way. I wonder if he wears Calvin Klein underwear? I will let you know! 🙂

    I don’t want to deal with John McCain. He just wants to bomb me. He is no fun. He probably wears plain cotton briefs from Wal-Mart.

  7. P.S. That was in response to spicy_sausage. Always happy to assist those not fluent in the great language of the gods! 😉

  8. Thankyou Shaiya. I love this site because I can get an insight into Russian life in a language I can understand!

    Being English I come from a long tradition of stubbornly refusing to learn other languages and forcing everybody else to speak English. The United States also use this same technique to good effect. This has worked remarkably well over the years to the point where English has become the world language (much to the annoyance of the French), but this is not something to be proud of and as such things are slowly starting to change. Schools teach French and German sometimes Spanish but rarely any other language, certainly not a language with a Cyrillic alphabet. In a unprecedented break from tradition I will now attempt to find a way of learning some of ‘The Great Language Of The Gods’……..

  9. Thats cause the failure rate would be sky high out of those classes. much like uneducated people taking latin. english is the world lingo because its supposibly the only superpower in the world right now.. ppl will refute that but its sadly true. If russia was the super power..then most schools here + the world would teach russian

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  13. Nope, not because it was chopped (chopped gold btw), actually about 100 years ago wood was the main object of the export (like gas and oil today). So that is why “wooden”.
    My home town Tomsk.

  14. Hey! I have been a long time viewer, but am having trouble viewing your site in Firefox today. Did you change something?

  15. That was in response to spicy_sausage. Always happy to assist those not fluent in the great language of the gods!…

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