40 thoughts on “Tractors are the Best”

  1. i think most people fail to realize that most suv are not built for off road, or even dirt road travel. they are more for suburban and city driving, as that’s what most people with them do.

  2. SUV cars are a smart marketing campaign by the oil industry. Who is dumb enough to believe that they would actually be useful in the mud?!

    • a lot of the marketing for suvs seems to be oriented more towards safer than cars, f you drive a car, it will be crushed by a giant suv, so everyone tries to drive a bigger suv and than to other guy to keep from getting crushed, creating a cycle of perpetual big suv buying.

      • Not only SUV. In US there is little distinction between “truck” as in a small pickup or as in a 18-wheeler rig. Other languages clearly distinguises a pickup car and a lorry/cargo truck.

        Today pickups are even sometimes bigger than a small goods delivering truck. Some even requires more than a regular driver’s license to drive (haul?).

  3. I’m curious. That doesn’t look like a very large tractor for a country like Russia with large agricultural fields. And it has such a narrow wheelbase. What would its primary use be?

    Here are some that could pull out vehicles:

    John Deere at urozhai.ru

  4. these mts tractors from belarus are very fine, i have the 80 ps engine from mts80 running inside a robur bus, a brave heart

  5. These American SUVs are just fashion statements. Expensive way of wasting gas. Too big, and ground pressure is way too high to be in the slightest muddy area.

    • Both of those SUVs have road tires: small, mostly flat tread with some ridges for pushing water away.

      The tractor has large, ribbed tires designed for travel on uneven, muddy terrain.

      If I lived in that area I would find a way to put tractor tires on my car.

  6. Tractors (and military HMMVEE’s) have oversize chambers for more torque. In the sand and mud, torque – not horsepower – is the name of the game. SUV’s are standard street vehicles with big wheels and suspension, nothing more. The video was entertaining. BTDT.

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  9. you put boards under the wheels – thats what you do when youre stuck in the mud. but you have to be smart enough to have spare boards in your trunk first.

  10. It’s not so much the quality or abilty of either of the big US SUVs, it’s the tires they chose to use. Road tyres don’t work in mud. This is why tractors have huge Mudpluggers!

  11. Once I saw a video in youtube where Rang Rover Sport wasn’t able to drive at all. It stood in its place with spinning wheels. And there was no mud like in this video. It was pretty funny to watch that video. At least in this situation there was a lot harder obstacles than Range Rover had. It was spinning on plain field ๐Ÿ˜€

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