44 thoughts on “More Bird’s Eye Landscapes”

  1. Never before have I seen industrial complexes and motorways rendered with such artistic beauty.

    And what’s with the Imperial base on Endor?

    Nice photos though. Please deliver more. More people as well. I like the photos of Russian life.

  2. Great photos with an unusual prespective of a beautiful country. The egg beater is pretty cool too (photos 6,7,8).

  3. Very nice pictures of a very beautiful country. Please add the names of the locations or even the city names where they are located. Please get a better camera — its a shame to have such a nice photographing angle and not to be able to capture the detail.

    • All fotos fro Tver region(Russia), it’s my place of birth ;-). On all fotos Volga river. On second foto is Nilova Pustin’. On 4 – hydroelectric power plant from Konakovo (Tver region). 11 – Kalyazin’s flood church (storage pond). On the 14 foto bridge just behind my house )))) I’m living here )). 20 – Starica town and it’s monastery. 31 – road Moscow – St.Petersburg. 38 our’s bogs ))) They all around in Tver. 46 again Kalyazin – radio observatory. And other fotos – on Tver’s region area a lot of neglected churchs. And it’s my country. RUSSIA. 🙂

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  7. Amazing photos! I would love it if you put hi-res versions online so people could use them as desktop backgrounds. If you’re worried about paying for the bandwidth of thousands of people downloading hi-res images, you could try putting them on a bittorent site like PirateBay.org or perhaps rapidshare, megaupload or Google’s Picasa.

    • That is the View of Nilov Monastery on Stolbnyi Island, Lake Seliger, Tver region, not far from Moscow.


  8. Human Nature. These problems are not only in Russian, It’s in China, India, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Brazil etc.
    We all the same, destroy what we have borrow it from our children or grandchildren. but when ask to install a wind tower next door to you, everybody complain at all possible excuses but at someone else expenses is OK.

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  10. Russia is a beautiful country and has a great future. Thanks for posting. Someday the abandoned historic churches will be restored (I hope).

  11. the russian mentality has always been fatalistic to varying degrees. it’s just a natural feature of the culture, both resulting from AND contributing to the often rotten politics and some of the dark points in history of russia. perhaps things will change, but who knows?

  12. those are new screenshots from Command & Conquer.

    pic #4 – russian power plant
    #7,8,9 – russian light chopper unit
    #11 – propaganda tower

  13. What beautiful landscapes – I only wish they were captioned. It would be great to find out the details of a lot of those mysterious sights.

    Now I see why one must always pull tree seedlings out of one’s gutters, lest a whole tree grow up on the roof.

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  16. The overgrown churches remind me of one I found while wandering in the woods outside of Novgorod. These pictures remind me of my wonderful summer in Russia, 1995. I wish I could visit again. My Russian is terrible and I need a tune-up! I miss Russia.

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