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    • Would you rather they be in the hands of Russian high school boy who will paint nasty colors and put big spoilers? Nice cars are better off rusting away than being driven down our streets.

  1. 1 and last question – where did owners can take some spare parts for american and european cars in USSR??? Especially for sportcars??? Right – nowhere!
    A село видать и вправду Хреновое – раз йексклюзивными Феррарями разбрасываются ((((((((((-:

  2. The rotten Citroen is not the legendary DS (“The Goddess”) with its round headlights, it is much later and cheaper Citroen ID.
    I only feel sorry for the Ferrari, maybe the Porsche.
    The rest deserves to become a pile of junk. Overpriced symbols of snobbery.

    • it IS a DS. Early models had round headlights, but later redesigned models had this type of headlights and had pivoting lights inside that would illuminate the road in the way the steering wheel is turned.
      Seefor yourself on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citroen_DS

  3. Even though it’s a ID, it’s a nice car and doesn’t deserve to rot! (Sorry, I’m Citroën classics lover…)

    When I saw the Ferrari it did hurt a little. That nice car doesn’t deserve it neither…

  4. Treating a Rolls Royce or an Aston Martin like that is indecent! As for the MGB they all look like that anyway (the chrome bumpers are worth a few quid though, worth going back with a spanner!). The Citroen can rot for all I care, all French cars are rubbish.

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  6. The mustang and porsche are burnt out. Not too much fixable there even with easy access to parts. That Ferrari looks like a fibreglass body meaning it is probably a fake. The BMW is actually an EMW from the former East Germany. They were cheap knock-offs of BMW anyway. No grea loss. The XK is a sad loss but I have seen worse being restored. The RR is a common model and not considered that collectable. The AM is repairable. The MGB is still being pressed so they are no great loss. The citreon.. I wouldnt bother. Made by the same people who invented Escargo, Renaults and the white flag.

  7. The Aston Martin is not an Aston Martin.
    The Ferrari is not a Ferrari.
    The dead Porsche is a very sad sight – looking at the gaurds and front wheels it had some interesting history.
    The Jag & EMW are a terrible shame.
    The rest is junk!!

  8. Didn’t the USSR also have a military it couldn’t afford?.

    Ferrari?. Porche?. Rolls Royce?. All communits should have nothing more than a cart!!.

  9. это наглый и циничный пиздеж, высосанный из хуя
    какая-то желтая газетенка украла фотки из интерента (есть несколько сайтов про abandoned supercars) и приписала бред про Большую Пизду
    shame on you englishrussia

  10. It is indeed feast during a plague…

    All Russia exhausts its ultimate resources to finance this enormously enriched cursed city……..

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  15. Hola, Busco coches antiguos de la decadas 30/40/50/60/70 , abandonado y viejos como:Alfa Romeo, Lancia,”deportivo a 2 puertas”, Delange, Detomaso, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari y Porche.
    Tambien algun otro modelo de coches antiguos y Raro
    Que seguro estan abandonada en algun deposito-cementerio de autos viejos
    Si encontrais algo de interesante, es suficiente enviarme una foto. Recupero el coches si es enteresante y Pago si esta raro, hago coleccion . Muchas gracias Brenno otivflo@yahoo.it

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  17. ps- moretti was a prolific italian tuner/designer/coachbuilder up to the late seventies. kinda like abarth but more on coachbuilding than racing, therefore less famous. he made different models of the 750 sport, in very different years. it’ most likely a piece worth buying and preserving jealously. with a nut and bolt restoration could easily worth good money and definitely turn a lot of heads in the streets.

    and the “so called ferrari” is not a CHAPARRAL at all.

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  20. I’m afraid everywhere you go there are classics like this slowly rotting away. In the state that I live in there are many vehicles sitting in fields left uncovered. Such a shame.

  21. I love it
    The explanation – from the author who apologized for their English
    Parts for foreign vehicles just too hard to come by or too expensive
    In auto ownership as in most of life – it all comes down to practical logistics


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