16 thoughts on “Russian Postal Diribles”

  1. Do they drop the letter carrier off with the postage or just sling the stuff out the window and hope Russian bear does not eat it?

  2. looks really cool. most of the design is stolen from the game by the same name — “Syberia”

  3. Very cool. I hope that they go ahead with it. It would be a great way to do the trans-Siberian route on holiday as well.

  4. Not familiar with the game Syberia but it looks rather like the buildings and blimps from the “Golden Compass” film.

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  6. It’s possible to find those photos in a bigger resolution? Where did you found it?
    Great website, I’m devouring it now 🙂

  7. I don’t know about zeppelins, but these days, to deliver a letter from one side of Moscow to another by the Russian post takes at least several days.

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