Russian space shuttle 1

70 Where Do Shuttles Go?

Where Do Shuttles Go?

For those, who wondered "Where did all the three Russian shuttles
go?". One has been found on the backyard of some repairing shop.
Russian monument to wooden currency 1

33 Russian Wooden Currency

Russian Wooden Currency

It was popular to call "wooden" the Russian money among Russian people, meaning that the value of it is far from the value of gold. It is not
so widely used these days, but was pretty popular before. Still, they decided to put the monument for the "wooden rouble".
40 Tractors are the Best

Tractors are the Best

American big SUVs seem to be of no use in Russia, tractors - those are really a
decision for those who want to move themselves across. submitted by eldan
Russian radar 1

38 The Golden Eye

The Golden Eye

While browsing the post about the aerial views of Russia some spotted the
"Golden Eye" alike radar structure. Let's have a closer look.
Russian history 1

49 Russian Digging

Russian Digging

Just taking a step to any village outskirts and digging a few feet deep inside the soil would reveal tons of the things laying there since World War II. Almost all the territory of
Western Russia was a battlefield so if you ever go to Russia you don't need to pay a visit to an antique store, you can start digging at any place and get your part of loot.
Russia 51

44 More Bird’s Eye Landscapes

More Bird’s Eye Landscapes

Now more Russian regions
from the bird's eye view.
Moscow, Russia 1

53 Moscow from the Bird’s Sight

Moscow from the Bird’s Sight

We had once photos of St. Petersburg, Russia made from helicopter,
this time it's turn for Moscow, the capital of Russia.
Old Luxury Cars 1

48 Russian Luxury

Russian Luxury

Some Russians buy luxury
but can't maintain it.
Russian Hancock photoshop 1

28 Russian Hancock

Russian Hancock

Russian photoshoppers met
Hancock ads with their own approach.
Life in Russia 1

21 Daily Shots

Daily Shots

Another set of photos freshly from
streets of ex-USSR countries.

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