22 thoughts on “Stalin – Clown?”

  1. He made this gesture behind the back of his American and British allies after promising he would install democratic regimes in Central Europe.

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  3. Stalin was a great humorist, too.

    … in 1936 it was rumored that Stalin was ill or even dead, so the AP Moscow bureau chief, Charles P. Nutter, wrote directly to Stalin for the facts and received the letter LZ quotes, which in full reads: “I know from the reports of the foreign press that I long ago abandoned this sinful world and moved into the other world. As one cannot doubt such foreign press dispatches unless he wants to be expelled from the list of civilized people, I request you to believe them and don’t disturb me in the calm of the other world.”

  4. Stalin Hitler and Mao were the inspiration for the 3 stooges, didnt you know?

    maybe not, but I think it would make everyone laugh if someone did it

  5. This gesture in russian street slang means ‘to smoke weed’ and used by dope addicts when one offer to another ‘wanna get high?’

    maybe stalin was a junkie? =)

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