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  1. These pictures are true, this is over Estonian news.

    And these pictures are somewhat better than the ones on the Estonian media!, at least at the moment.

    It was a Moscow – Tallinn train. You can also see a large pool of diesel or oil, the train leaked over 3,5t.

    one link to some more pics, a bit eariler ones, that show the train with all the wagons. In englisrussia-s pics the wagons are towed away.


    • Moscow train, huh? Well that just about says everything. I think we can safely say the train conductor had a little too much vodka on that special day.

  2. Car was parked not in legal parking place. Train uses longer platform number 1 mostly, but today it used somehow one shorter platform. Dont know if it was just brake failure or train driver was used to drive about 3 wagon lenghts further and because platform change train had too much power still … little tree and grass were growing in end of track – landwork highered locomotive and so it came to street level.

  3. Russian trains are green, the model we see here are very popular locomotives there. The loco in the pics is an Estonian locomotive. Something happened and the train either came in too fast, a mechanical failure occured or the engineer screwed up.

    • I don’t understand estonian but I heard the interviewed fireman says “…diesel […] Rolex bensiin (gasoline)”. Which makes sense but still not. At least it’s a fossil fuel locomotive and not electric.

  4. To Texas1: those were Estonian conductor and assistant, did then vodka had to do with this incident, in your opinion? Or you would use another cliché, citing alleged “slow mind” of Baltic nations?

    Nationalistic labels and cliché are pathetic.

    • To DRS: Calm down old chap it’s not worth blowing a fuse over. Thats the trouble with you Baltic’s, you’re too hot headed. Probably the vodka that causes it.

  5. As a railway fan, I must notice that this is TEP70 Diesel locomotive, built by Kolomenskiy zavod (logo can be clearly seen below the side mirrors) in Kolomna, Moscow oblast, Russia. And it is quite powerful – 4000 hp, with max. speed of 160 km/h.
    But what intrigues me is, why do they use Diesel locomotives? If it is Moscow-Tallinn railway, I would expect it to be fully electrified.

    • I don’t know about the russian side but the estonian railway is not electrified on that line.

      Narva border station and the rails to Tallinn are always full of dirty old russian locomotives spewing black smoke and very long sets of dirty oil wagons.
      (From 2001 but afaik it looks the same today.)

      Estonian passenger trains are almost non existent.

    • You would, but it’s not.
      It’s the great legacy of the Soviet Union – why the hell use an electric locomotive?
      Fuel consumption? No, they had plenty.
      It would be faster? No, all are equal – a man travelling by train should not be any faster than a peasant travelling by foot/horse.

      Go figure.

    • Why? That is some funny idea.
      Tallinn to Moscow is like around one thousand kilometers.
      Quite some distance.
      Europe is small, Remember that. When you come to the edge of the Europe, distances beyond it are wast.

  6. What’s Estonia, y’all? Is it some less-than-idyllic, little-known town in the vast expanse of mighty Russia? :p

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  8. I’m from estonia. I know that there were no parking space near where that BMW is standing and thats the moral of this story. Newer park where there is no parking spot.

  9. To DRS: Calm down old chap it’s not worth blowing a fuse over. Thats the trouble with you Baltic’s, you’re too hot headed. Probably the vodka that does it.

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  11. The BMW was parked in a correct manner. The owner says his har is a hero for saving the train station and there should be a statue for the car.

    My guess is the train driver just forgot to brake.

  12. if this is a russia site, why is here estonian pictures? estonia is not russia. если это место России, то почему здесь эстонские изображения? эстония нет России.

  14. Algthough the Conductor is in charge of the train, the Conductor does not ride in the engine. The engineer operates the engine. I note that there is no evidence of a bumping post at the end of the track, and judging by the dirt, etc. kicked up by the engine, and the pool of oil from fuel tanks that were apparently ruptured hitting concrete after the engine ran off the end of the track, I question how visible the end of track was for the engineer to see as he approached the end of the track, why visible markers are not in evidence at or near the end of track, and why bumping posts are not installed at the end of the track, which alone would prevent this extensive damage. Trains have great inertia, and it appears this all happened at slow speed, especially when you consider that the engine stopped on its own before hitting the overhead canopy extension from the station, and there is no bumping post in evidence.

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