32 thoughts on “Coffin Shaped Restaurant”

  1. Hmmm…business looks pretty dead!
    I would put a salad bar in the open coffin with white linen!
    I wonder if there is any STIFF competition in the area.

  2. The comment posted above was written by an impostor. The real Texas1 is straight and does not engage in homosexual acts.

    With that being said, at least those screwy russians didn’t build this thing upside down!


  3. Worst business idea i’ve seen in a long time.

    I’d vomit all over the place the minute i walked in there.
    That’s where all the necrophiliacs are hanging out

    Ahhmm, Ukraine y’all, need i say more?

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  9. I do think a resturant shaped like a russian coffin is ok but selling coffins and laying them as if somebody was in it. That is really sick and not right at all where is respect for the dead clearly there is no respect for the dead really at all the resturant owners are a disgrace to themselves

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