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Unique shots from Russia 1

These two photos are pretty unique. The first shows the tradition of Russian astronauts, according to it just before taking their seats inside of the space ship they have to take a leak upon the wheel of the bus which takes them to the launching site. I don’t know who started this tradition but they say all of them do, including these two from the latest Russian space program launch. This is the first time it has been caught on film for already 40 years of space launches.

Unique shots from Russia 2

And this is Leo Brezhnev, the Soviet leader of 70s filmed half-naked at his private moment. Publishing such photo in Soviet Russia for example could cause all the staff of the issuing edition to go to some distant Siberian mine.

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  1. The bus wheel peeing tradition was started by Yuri Gagarin, first man in space, on the way to the launchpad, April 12th 1961. He never thought he was starting a tradition – just felt like peeing before launch.
    It’s been kept this way ever since, by all cosmonauts!

    • I bet the man was scared out of his wits which caused him to drink vast amount of vodka.
      This led to two things..courage to go where no other had gone before, and a full bladder. He prabobly said to himself…”I either go now,or in the suite”

  2. Wow this is a reminder of just how lucky the world was to have Putin for so many years. He was in excellent shape for kung fu fighting! Now Russia has Medvedev who is cuddly like the cute baby bear. Of course, my friend Lukashenko in Belarus (home of real Russians) is always a very fit and sexy man, and presents the image of strength and health to the world.

    And then of course there is me. I know, I know, not every country can have the ruler with body of a male fashion model with full head of thick hair, intelligent eyes, chiseled facial features that women long to run their fingers over, and legs made for dancing like Johnny Travolta.

  3. This is unfair.
    AFAIK, Gagarin was more or less a tragic person, similar to e.g. Ernst Udet. A natural-born pilot, extrovert person, forced to serve as a state employee and fulfill the tasks of a trained ape – filling the forms etc.
    I have a vintage magazine from 1966-67 containing photos taken by a Czech journalist during a visit to his family. He looks dead-tired and disillusioned.

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  5. If this is a recent photo, then the russian space agency has a bit old buses… I hope they just focused on building new rockets?

    • Actually the old ones [rockets] are the best.

      As for the bus, well, after Gagarin peed on it it, it never rode again. It’s still the same bus. Home to some chickens and a lonely molting goat. A national landmark.

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  12. Buenas, gracias por el artículo que han publicado. Sinceramente me han gustado. En aspectos referidos al liderazgo, hay tantas opiniones que uno mismo no sabe verdaderamente que hacer o a quien seguir. A mi siempre me ha parecido que se debe tener un equilibrado criterio personal para saber de verdad lo que es el acto de liderar hoy en día. Nos estaremos viendo.

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